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  • Favorite WiO class is Sweata Weatha

  • Favorite movement combo is “thrusters + burpees”

  • Favorite weekend activity is cooking, food shopping, or meal prepping


Nick is a fitness aficionado with a passion for moving heavy weights and pushing the body to it’s absolute limits. While he is constantly seeking ways to optimize his own lifestyle, training, and eating habits, he also thrives on motivating others to define their own path to success. Being passionate about helping friends, family, colleagues, and clients in anyway that he can, Nick shares his opinions and experiences, in and out of class. When it comes to class at WiO, he is big on the basics, deep diving into the core foundational movements day in and day out. He believes consistency is key. That said, Nick consistently tries to reinvent his class by trying new things each week, keeping members on their toes every single class!

Catch Nick teaching Sweata Weatha!

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