alana Quagliariello

Alana has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and loves her Hoboken community. She started with us as a client and brand ambassador, where her love for Work it Out grew even further. Alana realized her love for fitness could be shared as an instructor. She became spin certified through Mad Dogg and is now an instructor with us teaching Naked Ride and Ride. When Alana is not teaching with us, you can find her in some of her favorite classes like Next Stop Skinny and Sweata Weatha.

Brittani Maglio

At the young age of two, Brittani’s parents could see her love for movement and music and decided to leverage her energetic personality into dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, ice-skating, you name it! Dance was her passion for years, but after graduating college it became less available to her. The lack of dance inspired Brittani to branch out into the fitness world; and after finding her groove on the bike, her passion truly flourished. She achieved her Mad Dogg Spinning certification and developed a strong desire to teach! She works a 9-5 job and gets motivated knowing she will be on the bike at the end of her day. Brittani’s hope is that her motivational tactics and disciplined nature will get you to reach your goals while letting your day go and staying 100% in the moment!

 Caitlin De Leonardis

It was only natural Caitlin fell in love with barre classes after training in ballet since kindergarten. A career change and leap of faith led her to get certified in the BootyBarre technique. Caitlin loves that she can share her passion of dance, health & fitness to WiO clients through just a 50-minute barre class. She says you don’t need to be a dancer to love barre -- but you, too, can find your inner-ballerina during her CandyBarre classes!

Christine O’Sullivan

Christine gets a natural high from an intense cardio workout! Her love for long distance running and great music was infused when she first began to hit the ride room. Her personal workouts have always been "her sacred time" to find clarity and take care of herself. As a spin instructor, she will treat your ride like her own - by ensuring that every minute is a challenging and fun opportunity for you to better your mind, body, and soul.

Cassie Roberts Rossi

Cassie holds an Ed.M. in Dance Education from Rutgers University and a B.F.A. in Dance Performance from Arizona State University. She currently teaches dance full time at a high school. Cassie dances with a contemporary ballet company in New York City and can also be found doing various other dance projects in the area. She is so happy to be teaching fitness at WiO and spreading her love for dance and exercise, so come and meet her at the “barre” for her CandyBarre workout!

Danielle Pagliuca

Danielle is a college administrator by day and WiO instructor by night. She is a lifelong fitness fanatic who has been teaching a variety of classes for 5 years. Most recently, Danielle got her Schwinn Spin Certification and will be completing her 200 Hour Yoga Certification in December. After being a member for a few short months, Danielle realized she wanted to be a part of the team and started teaching in July 2016.

Jamie Klein

Jamie’s love for fitness began at a young age with ballet, tap, jazz, and cheerleading. As she became more committed, she started dancing for Anheuser-Busch’s Sesame Place theme park. She performed shows in costume as Ernie, Grover and other Sesame characters. She also started competing in cheerleading and went to Nationals in Tampa, Florida in 2001. Eventually, she channeled her endless energy into running and biking. Now, she is a marathon runner and Mad Dogg certified spinning instructor. She has taught indoor cycling for over 4 years and run over 50 half marathons. She loves to travel and compete in races around the country. Some of her favorites include the Disney Princess, New Orleans Rock & Roll, and Maui Half Marathons. Her greatest athletic accomplishments include the 2012 & 2013 NYC marathons and she can't wait to train for another!

Jennifer Habeeb

For Jennifer, a life long athlete and dancer, fitness was a natural progression. With over a decade of experience from Philadelphia to Hoboken, Jen focuses on high intensity total body workouts. Working as a psycho-therapist Jen believes the connection between mind and body is the ultimate pillar of health. The combination of physical and mental strength is what we hope you achieve in Jen's classes.

Julia Fouts

Julia has been a lifelong athlete, competing at the collegiate level. Her passion for sports and fitness continued after college, she coached part-time and went on to achieve certifications in personal training (NASM), spinning, pilates (All-American), and sports-based training. The combination of Julia’s certifications, passion and past history as an athlete, makes her an amazing addition to the WiO studios. 

Juliet Turalski

Juliet teaches a core-vinyasa style where you get to practice presence while toning your entire body. She syncs a unique blend of breath work, core strengthening, and flexibility to tracks from the EDM, funk, alternative, and soul genres. Her classes are known to convert yogi-skeptics to die-hard practitioners.

kaitlyn baker

Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle have always been at the centerfold of this Midwest girl's life. Growing up, Kaitlyn was involved in dance, cheerleading, and sports. Specifically her love for track/running lead her to the world of fitness classes and eventually achieving her Mad Dogg certification. Kaitlyn's goal is to find the perfect balance between work and play. Thus, as a spin & blended instructor, she aims to motivate others to challenge themselves in and out of the studio, while having fun! 

Kristen Devine

A fitness enthusiast, Kristen has been active her whole life. She grew up playing soccer and took piano lessons for 12 years. She has been taking spin, cardio kickboxing, and other group fitness classes for 11 years. Madd Dog certified, Kristen now combines her love of a good beat and fitness into teaching Ride classes that are fun and will make you sweat!

Kristen Keesee

Kristen’s passion for fitness started over 10 years ago when she was first introduced to road cycling. Since then, her love of outdoor cycling has evolved to include a wide variety of indoor cycling classes. She recently merged her two passions, receiving her Mad Dogg ® Spinning certification. When she’s not on the bike, Kristen can be found in the dance studio improving her aerial arts skills. Kristen is usually the most vocal participant in any class she attends, and brings this outward enthusiasm and joy to her teaching. Incorporating her broad knowledge of outdoor cycling techniques to her class profiles, Kristen creates both challenging and inspirational rides. She believes in honoring your body every step of your journey – both on and off the bike!

Lauren Badessa

This Jersey girl has been an avid member at Work it Out since the doors of the River studio opened in 2013. After seeing some fellow WiO riders become instructors, Lauren took her passion to ride and received her Mad Dogg Certification. You can now find her channeling that energy in all of our Ride classes! 

Lauren Carabelli

Lauren is no stranger to the fitness world. She has been a long distance runner for almost ten years, but still loves the challenges of full body and high intensity workouts. She enjoys putting a creative spin on her Next Stop Skinny and Sweata Weatha workouts so that every class is different and interesting. While mixing dumbbells and cardio, Lauren focuses on delivering the best workout for each member at WiO!

Melissa cream

Melissa finds Work it Out the perfect place to work because she is passionate about both gymnastics and fitness. She was a competitive gymnast from a young age and competed at the Division 1 level in college. After college, she discovered her passion for fitness and decided to get certified in personal training and a variety of group exercise formats. Melissa works full time in corporate fitness and in her spare time teaches both gymnastics and fitness classes at our studios. She loves motivating clients and creating fun playlists!

Michelle Falcone

Michelle has been a fitness and health enthusiast since her college days at the University of Delaware. In her post college life, she has developed a slight obsession with busting a move on her spin bike. Being a Hoboken resident for over three years now, she has gained much love and respect for Work It Out. This love spurred her to get certified! After being a part of the team at Work It Out for a little less than one year, Michelle became committed to merging her passion for fitness with her day time career in efforts to create a holistic, balanced lifestyle. When she is not teaching at Work It Out, Michelle is supporting lululemon’s Northeast region as the People Potential Partner. She is all about developing people to their fullest potential whether it is on the spin bike or in their jobs!

Monica Goldsack

Monica has been training and teaching for the last 20 years, specializing in hardcore boot camp/toning classes and core work. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her classes. Monica gets an uplifting feeling when results start to show, and her clients have succeeded in getting to that point. Be prepared to have the work out of your life. She will push you to the limit for extreme results. Besides fitness being her passion, the love of her life is her teenage son Tristan who is a competitive soccer player and will start training with his mother very soon. AFAA Certified.

Nick Lucignano

Nick is born and raised in Hoboken and has been weight training and conditioning for over 10 years. It was only until recently that he discovered his love for the full body, mixed modal style of training that Wio promotes. A true believer that fitness improves both quality and quantity of life, Nick thrives on sharing his passion for exercise and helping others maximize their fitness potential. Throughout the year he works on improving all aspects of his own fitness through CrossFit style workouts, HIIT, as well as running and rowing, both long and short distances. You can look forward to doing and learning something new in each and every one of his classes. Apart from fitness, music has been an important aspect of his life, with several years of experience as a dj, he continues to produce his own music and mixes. Combining both his passions of fitness and music, you can expect nothing less than a high energy, high output sweat session. Nick is currently a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer as well as a CrossFit L1 Trainer.

Sherri Satz

Sherri has been an avid fitness enthusiast for as long as she can remember. She has been involved in the fitness industry for 7 years teaching various fitness classes including, total body, Abs, TRX and Spinning. Sherri took her passion for spinning a bit further, incorporated swimming and running and started doing triathlons. She has completed all distances recently conquering the Lake Placid Ironman. Sherri is a local resident, happily married to her husband Mike and they both just welcomed their baby girl Paige!

Stephanie Sehnert

Like many fitness addicts, Stephanie grew up in the dance world. In college, Stephanie’s passion for health, fitness, & competition took new form as a coxswain for the Vanderbilt University Rowing Team. Upon moving to Hoboken in 2014, Stephanie fell in love with Work it Out's CandyBarre classes and in 2015 decided to pursue certification in the BootyBarre technique. Stephanie loves the supportive Work it Out community of strong, powerful women, and whether you’re a barre newbie or a veteran ballerina, you’ll find yourself stronger, longer, and leaner after her CandyBarre classes!


Tam found yoga years ago while working as a public relations executive, loving the physical practice… and let’s be honest, a few minutes of quiet in savasana. After years of practicing yoga intermittently, the stars aligned in timing and opportunity for Tam to complete her 200-Hour Teacher Training program. In addition to seeing her lead you through Downward Facing Dogs and Warrior IIs, you may recognize her from frequently being next to you at a WiO class, sometimes covering the front desk – or (literally) running around Hoboken as she trains for another half or full marathon.


Sitting still was never one of Vanessa’s favorite things to do from a young age. All throughout growing up she was an athlete, but it wasn’t until college that she found her real passion for health and fitness. Vanessa began teaching boot camp, kick boxing, step, and conditioning classes at the fitness center throughout her 4 years at East Stroudsburg. Then when she graduated in 2010, she decided to combine her love of fitness and dancing and become Zumba certified. Since then, Vanessa has been teaching classes throughout the tri-state area and spreading her love of health and fitness as wide as possible.