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  • Loves to cook healthy for her family

  • Avid snowboarder and wakeboarder!

  • Ex buyer for Bergdorfs but the fashionista in her lives on


Renee is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who is passionate about bringing out her clients’ inner athletes! Her favorite piece of fitness equipment is a Kettlebell and her favorite movement is a Deadlift! She is a Hoboken resident and mother of 2. Renee was always an active person, but her passion for fitness didn’t come until her 30’s!  After having kids, her feelings towards fitness and her priorities changed! She was struggling with being a new mom and her post baby body. Renee then committed herself to consistent training and started to see and feel the results. She then decided that she wanted to help others feel the same! Renee is a highly credentialed trainer with a passion for helping others. Her training philosophy is pretty simple; build a strong foundation of movement and then keep adding to that foundation.

Find her teaching Next Stop Strong, Sweata Weatha, Tight End, and Blended Ride.