Yes ladies, it is here! Spring time! Not only is the weather getting nice, but we are taking our classes and giving them some fresh air, literally. Welcome to our new Spring and Summer Series, aptly entitled Work it OUTDOORS!

Some of you may have been with us for the past 5-years and seen a few of our classes move to the surrounding parks, but this year we're doing it big. It'll include some of your familiar classes and an infusion of new classes too! The goal of Work it OUTDOORS is to keep you motivated to workout, stay committed to your routine, and add some flavor into the overall experience. Don't forget, a little Vitamin D, courtesy of sunshine, elevates mood and can make you overall more happy!

We'll be rolling out Work it OUTDOORS over the course of the next month. Starting Monday, 4/20 you'll see mid-morning classes soaking up some sunshine. These classes include Wednesday and Friday 10:00am Outdoor Next Stop; Skinny at our Willow Studio. Then you are in for something brand spankin' new, our first ever run club, WiRun, starting the week of 5/4.

WiRun takes the idea of a run club and elevates it to the next level. We'll host this in a class format, because that's what we do best! You'll participate in a dynamic in-studio warm-up, go through your Run of the Day, and then return for core work and a cool down. WiRun's will begin the week of 5/4 and runs will be hosted at River, Monday 6:30pm, Wednesday 6:45pm, and Thursday 6:30pm. You can learn more about WiRun here and be sure to take us for a "test run."

All classes are listed on MindBody, sign up with your class package or membership. Remember you still come to the respective studio to check-in and then you'll travel to our outdoor location as a class. Please note: All standard studio policies apply. In the event of inclement weather, all outdoor classes will move indoors, except WiRun, which will hold host its run in rain, unless thunder or lightening take place.