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Whitney Lesch

1) Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Vernon, NJ and went down to college to study chemistry at Elon University in NC. My father thinks I went to get some "southern manners" however, I went because the campus was pretty, it was far away from home, and they deep fry everything! After graduation I worked a chemist for a little while before moving back to NJ (and settling in Hoboken) to work at John Wiley & Sons publishing. Lets face it, I talk way too fast and I am far too impatient to stay in the south. I worked at Wiley for a few years to get some real business experience before going back to get my MBA at Rutgers in Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing. Currently, I work for Bristol-Myers Squibb as an internal consultant within research and development (my real title as far too many buzz words and is far too confusing to actually share). Basically, I partner with the physicians that design our clinical trials to increase how efficiently they develop our drugs to bring them to market faster for patients. At the end of the day, I know someone is benefiting from what I do and I LOVE that.
 2) You recently became a homeowner in Hoboken, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! What has that been like and what made you pick Hoboken as your permanent home?
It has been a whirlwind, super stressful, and obviously exciting. I am SUPER cheap (or frugal as my mother tells me) so spending this type of money to purchase something about gave me a stroke. But... it is a good time to do it and I know I am not leaving anytime soon. For me, it took leaving Hoboken to realize I never wanted to do that again. I moved to Princeton for my job and lived there for a year and I was miserable. I missed everything about the vibe of Hoboken and the access I had to everything. There is nothing better than living "down the street" from everyone and everything and being able to wake up on a Sunday morning and run all your errands without ever having to get in a car. Plus, I can attribute some of my favorite things about my life to being in Hoboken - some of my best friends are people I never would have met if I didn't live here. I like being around those memories.
 3) What is dating life for you in the Boken? Where are your fav places to meet people/ go on dates?
Ha...I will be honest... my dating life is a disaster. I mean it is entertaining for everyone and I have a good sense of humor about it, but it is pretty nonexistent. I will spare people the specifics but if you want a funny dating story, just ask... I have a bunch. It is as much my fault as anything though - I work a lot and I go to the studio and those are my priorities...I have not been great at making the time for dating and you can tell. As most everyone knows, I really focused on getting myself healthy over the past year so I think I am still getting comfortable and confident with how I look now.
When I do go out... I like more "bars" for first dates when you are making sure you actually like the person. I used to work at Texas Arizona so I always have a special place in my heart there... and it is great for people watching. I also really like Mikie Squared. For second/third date once you know you want to get to know the person more, I am a Lola's fan. You can pick at a bunch of plates and really have a good conversation. Though I really go anywhere depending on my mood - I am a social person! :)
4) How do you balance your career and staying healthy?
Well it is definitely a challenge, especially given my commute to Princeton nearly every day. When I make a decision to commit to something I do when I committed to getting in shape, I had to adjust my schedule to allow for it. So... I wake up at ~4:30am so I can be to work by 6/6:30am so I can leave around 3:30/4pm and get home in time for classes. I am really strict with going to the studio  when I get home. Even if I still have work left, I will just get back online for a couple hours after I am done. I wouldn't necessarily say it is "balanced", but I get everything in so its ok! I also work from home when possible to break it up. But I am also looking into getting a stability ball chair for my cubicle and the second I have an office you better believe a mini-treadmill is going in there so I can take conference calls while I walk! 
  5) You are extremely motivated and driven, where do you find that inner push. What motivates you?
I am incredibly competitive with myself... so everytime I achieve something, I just naturally want to do better the next time. Now eventually this is nearly impossible, but it definitely keeps me going. I am also motivated by all the positive reinforcement - I look at myself now and I never want to get back to the "fluffy" Whitney. I didn't like myself then, so that keeps me going. Finally, its all the great friends I have made at WiO. Definitely a great support system!
  6)   What are things you do for yourself that make you happy?  
My dog - I have a pit bull that is a joy. Just snuggling with her is the best part of any day. The NY Giants make me either super happy or super sad - either way they run my life for the fall/winter. Go Gmen!! Walking/running outside with friends - I get some of my best talking in that way :) Basically anything outdoors makes me happy though (I play softball and kickball in town and its a blast). And day drinking... I mean clearly I work out this much to feed my love of bellini's and bloody mary's. 
  7)   Motto you live by and any advice you have for other WiO Working Gals?
Don't beat yourself up for enjoying yourself! It is okay to indulge and have a good time, as long as you are willing to work afterwards. Try to avoid excuses and just get up and do it - and feel free to call me if you need a running partner or someone to do any type of exercise with! I can always use the extra motivation myself ;)