A gym is a special place; some think of it as a sanctuary, a place of solace, or a place for "me time." But what if your gym were structured around your evolution, inside and outside of the studio? What if, as you changed, your fitness studio was right alongside you, with offerings that changed with you? This is what we are all about. While our studios are open for all to come and get their sweat on, the focus is around women, in every stage of their lives. Whether you are a single working woman, or a mom wanting to feel supported and strong, we are here for you, every step of the way. We know juggling a job, a commute, and of course an active social calendar is hard, so we have class times in the late evenings and early mornings to ensure you can get your workout in. Plus showers and top-of-the-line styling amenities, to go from sweaty to snazzy in a second. Getting ready for a wedding is stressful enough - getting the body you want shouldn't have to be. With comprehensive personalized packages like the "I Do!" kit, which mixes classes, fitness consultations, make-up trails and more, our brides are more than ready to tie the knot feeling their strongest and most beautiful. After being a bride comes, for many, babies. But just because you're expecting does not mean you're left behind! We have pre- and post-natal packages that will make you feel strong and ready to tackle the world. Once Motherhood hits, our classes are designed to get you back to your best bod, and you don't even have to leave the kiddies home! Participating in our Go Mommy™ classes means you can bring your kids for childcare while you sweat it out in our studios. Then when your children go from tots to tumblers, they can join our super fun high flying gymnastics program!

Life always comes full circle, and so does your experience with us. While we may only be a few years old, no one has had time to make the evolution full-circle just yet. But there have been some standout clients who have begun their journey with us. Meet Jayme!

She moved to Hoboken in the summer of 2010 and lived a few blocks away from the then under construction Willow Street location. She walked her dogs past the studio as it progressed from an empty space to a sparkly new fitness studio and knew it was a sign she had better get in shape and take charge of her health. It took a year for her to finally take the step and enter into the studio. "I had recently gotten engaged and with a wedding the following August, I was determined to be in the best shape possible for the big day," she recalls. She bought an unlimited month of classes and signed up for her first week immediately. After the first week, she was hooked and found herself taking advantage full advantage of her unlimited classes, sometimes taking two per day. "I was able to lose almost 40 pounds for my wedding day and was in the best shape of my life." Jayme continues to feel empowered by the WiO community: "I learned that I was stronger than I thought, more dedicated than I realized was possible and that fitness could be fun!"

Jayme recently had a baby and she and her husband moved to the suburbs. With WiO’s Go Mommy class, a series of workouts designed specifically for mother’s (with childcare provided!) she hopes to someday live near another WiO studio. Despite the distance, Jayme still feels the impact WiO continues to have in her life: "WiO isn’t just a fitness studio but it is also a community that allows me to be the best version of myself with a newfound strength and confidence I always knew I deserved."

Virginia Einstein, another rider, mother and now new WiO instructor - remembers her transformation:  "Day one I didn’t think I would make it through my first class. But everyone there was so supportive. I always felt like I fit in." As a mother already, she found that having the support of fellow riders and staff motivated her to get to the studio and continue to find new power in her workouts, and in her life: "As you grow stronger and find you can do new things, the staff and the other women at the gym all push you to find new limits. I have achieved things at WiO I had no idea I was capable of." Virginia has since found a passion for teaching and has now begun instructing herself and delights in the opportunity to give back inspire women in the same way.

Jayme and Virginia are only two examples of many women’s journeys with us. But they are true reflections of The Evolution of the Work it Out Woman! So do yourself a favor, and get ready to Set Your Fitness Free ™ and Work it Out with us!