We don't like to brag, but every once in awhile we have to pat ourselves on the back! We have amazing instructors! This was confirmed recently when we were reading about the 25 Habits of Amazing Fitness Instructors, so we had to share! Here's a snapshot of a few habits we think we do pretty well, let us know what you think!

  1. Names are important to us! We try our best to remember everyone's name or introduce ourselves if you are new.
  2. We love all of our instructors! You might see Kara in Monica's Sweata Weatha class or Kelly in Heather's Riding High. We support each other everyday and appreciate getting our butts kicked by a coworker!
  3. We might not be DJs by trade, but we love our music! We are always keeping our ears turned up for new beats and try and bring you the latest every class.
  4. We "work it out" for a reason. Everyday is a day to work out, but our recently launched Burns capitalize on the need for a little extra push! Whether it is Super Bowl Sunday or summer is right around the corner, we will give you a workout when you need it!

Whether you are in Riding High, Next Stop; Skinny, Hottie Pilates, or Zumba Love, you know you'll be treated each time to a one of a kind workout. Keep us honest and let us know if you need some extra support, we are always looking to hear from you guys!