Whether you know it or not, you have style. It’s something that can be found in what you wear, your mannerisms throughout your day, or how you do what you do, well.  

Noel came to me with an opportunity to assist in styling the next WIO photo shoot. While she had a vision, and knew each of the women in the photoshoot better than a stylist would, I loved how she consistently focused on each person’s best attributes while we browsed through pinterest pictures of hairstyles and a giant bag of work out wear.

I came to the photo shoot watching  a talented team understand how important is to emphasize the best in each of the instructors and elevating their comfort level and fun personalities with each picture that was taken.  Surrounding yourself with people who create, encourage, and elevate your energy is always a great platform for inspiring style.

While I could write what I think style is and means, and where you can find it, I can tell you that it’s best when it’s natural. Donielle, one of WIO’s gymnastics instructors, walked into the photoshoot in her street clothes wearing a pair of boots that ended up taking what we picked out for her to a whole different level. It was effortless and made us all smile to know how easy it was to change her look. Natural doesn’t necessarliy mean no make-up, or not pushing what you would typically wear, but what you’re confident in.

It’s something that can come easy to some, or take time to find, but like anything else with a little passion and inspiration your style will be discovered. 

Stay tuned as all the new instructor headshots will be  up on our website within the next week! Be sure the check them out!