Kara and Heather have been loving their packed NSS classes! Check out what's been going on in this WiO Class Favorite! 
In preparation for summer, Kara has been focusing a lot on abs and increasing cardio a bit more!! She has also been encouraging WiOers go a bit harder by not giving as many options to modify.
Heather loves how everyone has been showing up to NSS ready to work. "It sets a very positive tone for their week," she explains. Each week she likes to vary the exercises and time at each station. This challenges everyone physically and mentally, while keeping each class fresh. It's a quick moving class, but Heather likes to make sure everyone is performing the station correctly and to their best ability. Monday mornings have been filled with energy, hard work, and enthusiasm! 
Heather and Kara both agree that if you are new to NSS, remember, it's your class and your challenge. If you feel you need a break, take a deep breath, grab a quick drink, and then get moving again. 
Looking great Next Stoppers! Your hard work is paying off!