The Work it Out Fitness Lab has been hard at work since the start of the New Year (yes, January!). We've been spinning, stretching, flexing, and dancing our way to our newest offering - only available at Work it Out River. Finally, we are happy to announce our newest portfolio of classes: Blended Ride.

Our exclusive Blended Ride classes marry our popular toning, barre and dance classes, with our unique style of ride to give you an amazing workout (and by amazing, we mean fun, sweaty, and never boring!).

Once our doors open at Work it Out River in about two weeks, there will be more than 20-classes a week at a variety of times ranging from the 6:00am till we close at 9:00pm. As we move through the Fall, we plan to add additional classes as well, so your options to workout will only grow!

The new location and class schedule will be on MindBody; we will send out an email and alert everyone in advance of posting anything, so everyone is prepared. There will be a (B) at the start of the class name and you will also see the location listed. Our Willow studio will continue to offer all the classes you have loved. No matter what package or membership you have, you'll be able to utilize either studio. Check out the classes below that we will be blending together starting this Fall!

(B) Next Stop; Skinny™

All aboard! This high speed workout will make you toned head to toe! Our blended version of an original favorite where no muscle is left behind. Be prepared to lose some baggage.

(B) Sweata Weatha™

You look hot! This power sweat class, now comes packed with a ride punch and will make temperatures rise! Combining weights and cardio for an intense, nonstop, full body workout designed to cleanse, challenge and change your body in any weather.

(B) Upper Class™

Not to be snooty, but this upper body toning workout is in a class by itself, and now it gets even more VIP. Blending bands, weights, and ride to tone and tighten your arms to perfection and get that sought after I’m too sexy for my tank look. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest and core are all invited to this exclusive soiree of upper-scale fitness.

(B) Tight End™

Hut, hut, hike! What’s round and firm and toned all over? Your booty baby! This series of on-target exercises will strengthen and tone your inner and outer thighs, glutes and hamstrings, giving you that “tight tookus” you’ve always wanted. You’ll push your tush to the limits with this Blended Ride class and walk away with…well, a tight end!

(B) CandyBarre™

Ride on in and treat yourself to the talk of the town! One taste of our full bodied, blended ballet barre workout, and you’ll be hooked. Barre work is a sensual and highly effective fitness method that firms, lengthens and shapes your muscles to their optimal form — high, rounded seats; flat, outer thighs; long, lean torsos; and defined waistlines. Pas marché right in and grab your share of the CandyBarre!

(B) Core-Disc-O™

Donna Summer, Chic, and the Bee Gees got nothin’ on our funky Disc-o! Using air-filled VersaDiscs, bikes, and a plethora of balance-based exercises we will push your body over that plateau, right on to the next level. A workout that is concentrated, total body training sure to leave you sweaty like you danced all night at Studio 54.

(B) Groove Cycle™

Dance to the music! Designed for the “anti-spinner,” shimmy, shake and boogie down using wrist weights and cheeky choreography for a lighter, leaner YOU! You’ll dance off the bike, dance on the bike, and quite frankly, have so much fun, you’ll probably dance right through the rest of your day!

(B) High Speed Ride™

In a hurry? Can you spare 45-min? Then this is the class for you! High Speed Ride is a fast paced class that will target your entire body with set intervals on and off the bike to take your heart rate to the next level. Offered during the weekday lunchtime, perfect for a speedy, effective sweat!