Say hello to BiteSizeBarre! Our first mom and me barre class! BiteSizeBarre is a version of our popular CandyBarre class, with the addition of a sweet treat, your baby! Throw on your Baby Bjorn and get ready to plie, tondu and tone! This class is personalized for postnatal mommies and non-mobile babies (3 - 10 months old, or still carrying). The 45-minute barre class for mommy and baby will be offered at our Willow studio on Thursday mornings at 11am. Starting this Thursday, Sept. 18th.

BiteSizeBarre is personalized for postnatal mommies and non-mobile babies. Moms will wear babies for a large portion of their workout in the center and at the barre. Class will also feature your favorite barre exercises as well as some light arm and abdominal work.

Hosted by Taylor Good, who also leads Baby G.A.P. (Gymnastics And Play) another class in our Mom and Me program, the class will focus on transitioning moms back into their fitness routine while creating a one of a kind experience with their little bundles of joy. You and your baby will be in good hands with Taylor. She also teaches CandyBarre on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and received her BFA in Dance from Towson University.

It's easy to sign up for class, you can either purchase a regular single class, or use your current class package or membership. So grab your bjorn and babe and join us this fall starting September 18th!