You know the moment you meet someone and you're thinking, 'WOW! I really like them!" Well that's exactly what we thought when we met Fresh from the Farm 365. They are an online green market that sources vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and more from local farms in and around New Jersey. We know what it is like to go into our local grocery stores and find less than fresh items, so this concept was very appealing to learn more about. Their goal is to make sure you get your hands on responsibly grown, locally sourced produce and artisanal foods from some of the Tri-State area’s finest family farms and food purveyors.

Fresh from the Farm allows you the option to shop online or get a subscription to their offerings (more about that below!), then the items get delivered right to your door! Every item chosen is hand selected by their Personal Pickers to ensure the highest quality of vegetables, fruit, meat or whatever it may be! The delivery items are packaged and stored safely in eco-friendly packaging. 

They are offering two specials just for Work it Out members! Snag 25%-off their best selling Positively Produce subscription filled with a weeks worth of the freshest and most in-season fruits and vegetables. Perfect for a home of 1 - 2 people. Or save and get more with 25%-off the Everyday Essentials subscription that includes all the edible essentials from fruits, vegetables, milk, meats, eggs, yogurt, bread and more. This option is great for a household of 3 - 5 people. The online promo code is WORK25. Additional offer terms are below.

Of course we had to sample some of the goodies and played around with their seasonal vegetables to create some rocking recipes that we are sharing with you. We whipped up a tasty salad that you can have as a lunch or dinner, roasted spring vegetables that we used as a side for dinner and had extra that we topped on a salad, then got fancy and baked salmon wrapped in baby bok choy! All of the dishes were simple and quick to make, not to mention delicious with the fresh ingredients! 

Radicchio Salad Bowls 


2-3 leafs of radicchio (to act as a bowl) 
Place the following in the leafs, after tossing together in a separate bowl): 
1/2-c mesculun 
1/2-c arugula 
1/3-c chopped asparagus 
1/3-c chick peas 
3-oz of either tuna, chopped grilled chicken, or tofu (cooks choice!) 
Dressing: 2-tbs of extra virgin olive oil, 1-tbs of chopped rosemary, and 2-tbs of red wine vinegar - whisked together 
Serves 2

Spring Vegetable Roast 


  • 2-turnips - peeled and sliced into quarter size medallions 
  • 2-beets - peeled and sliced into quarters 
  • 2-sweet potatoes - sliced into quarter size medallions 
  • 1-cup sliced carrots 

Toss all vegetables into a bowl and coat with 1/3-c of extra virgin olive oil, 1/3-c chopped Thyme and Rosemary, a pinch of salt, and 1-tsp of black pepper. Place coated vegetables into a sprayed baking pan, cover and bake at 400-degrees for 30-minutes (toss after the initial 15-min). After 30-minutes, test the tenderness of the vegetables. Depending on different ovens, you may need an additional 10-minutes. To crisp vegetables, after they are baked you can broil for 5-minutes.
Serves 2 

Baked Salmon with Wrapped in Baby Bok Choy 


  • 3-oz of wild salmon
  • 1/2-fresh lemon
  • 1-tsp of chives
  • Small bunch of baby bok choy
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Lay two to three leafs of baby bok choy on parchment paper, place the salmon on top. Squeeze the lemon on the salmon and rub the chives into the salmon. Cover salmon with two to three additional bok choy leaves and spread 1-tbs of extra virgin olive oil on top. Wrap salmon and bok choy in parchment paper and place on baking sheet. Bake at 375-degrees for 20-25-minutes (depending on your preference)
Serves 1

Offer Terms:

  • New customers only
  • Only available for Positively Produce and Everyday Essentials
  • Can choose weekly, bi-monthly or monthly delivery options
  • Subscription continues until customer cancels subscription; minimum of 4 orders required to take advantage of the offer
  • Customer must be in one of our current delivery areas