As a Zumba Love instructor there is one thing I know very well and that is dance. Need to know how to do the perfect pirouette or jazz square? Well, I'm your girl! When it comes to fitness classes I HEART ZUMBA, and I teach my own class about 6 times a week. Zumba has the #1 fitness space in my heart, but my body is so used to the routine, I have hit a rut. That is why, when I was invited to join the Tighter in Twenty(13) Challenge, I said to myself, "This will surely jolt my body over my plateau!"

On Day 1 of the challenge there was already an incredible energy in the room! Each of the women involved are vibrant, positive and eager to learn. Heather Hamwey, our incredible instructor, explained to the group what we would be experiencing in this 8 week process. While Lisa Bruno, our renaissance woman business manager/WiO Nutritionist went over how she would be guiding us through the nutrition aspect of the program.

We were all pumped to get started and each woman admitted they were ready for a challenge and a great change! Tighter in Twenty(13) is a play on the Tabata Method of fitness where one would do an exercise for 20-seconds on and 10-seconds off. When I first heard this I secretly said to myself, "Please, I do cardio for 60-minutes straight 6 or more times a week, this can't be that hard." Boy, was I wrong! On Day 2 of the program Heather had my body crying out,"what are you doing to me? Where's the merengue?" I even admitted aloud in-between exercises, "Heather, I didn't necessarily believe you when you said it was going to be it his hard." That got the whole room laughing instead of crying on the inside for 30-seconds! Ha!

Aside from the camaraderie and great instruction, the best part of this experience so far is the day after the workout, when I wake up feeling stronger than the day before. I hold my head a little higher! I am so pumped to continue on with this journey and see how much stronger I get.

Stay tuned for next week's edition of True life- Zumba Instructor Tackles Tighter in Twenty(13)!