Did you know that our incredible business manager, Lisa, is also a nutritionist? She's an all around rockstar! Check out her Work it Out like a Pro Health tips to help you become the BEST you in 2013!
  1. Get down with the brown! Brown rice, wheat bread, quinoa, barley and more. Swap out any foods that are white. This might include breads, rices, pastas, cookies, crackers. White foods are typically highly processed with very little added nutrition, so why waste the calories.
  2. Sip, sip, sip! Buy a snazzy water bottle (we have them at the studio!) and sip on water all day. If you choose water instead of iced teas, sodas, juices, you can shave off 250 - 500 calories per day! Not to mention, dehydration is normally the reason many people think they are hungry and end up snacking mindlessly! 
  3. Jazz up your lunch! Tired of your turkey sandwich everyday, make it a lettuce wrap or core out a cucumber and fill it with tuna. It's a great way to combine proteins and vegetables, while saving yourself the unnecessary carbohydrate intake.
  4. Break out your blender and get juicing! Nothing kicks your body back into shape like some vitamins. Toss in green apples, cucumbers and some carrots and you'll have a highly hydrating and detoxifying juice.