Want to know the best foods to pack in your beach bag for a perfect, bloat- free day at the beach? Check out our top 5 list below!

Leafy Greens - Why not pack a green salad for lunch and reap all the amazing benefits leafy greens have to offer?! Leafy greens are packed with nutrients and you can eat a whole lot of them for very few calories! You'll look awesome in your bikini while feeling awesome on the inside!

Red Bell Peppers - Be sure to add this beautiful vegetable to your leafy green salad! Bell peppers have been known to stimulate the digestive system and boost the metabolism!

Raw Nuts - Raw nuts are a great portable snack which are super high in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Try to stick with the raw variety as they contain more of the amazing benefits above!

Berries - Does it get any better than a rock solid berry in the summer time? Berries are PACKED with antioxidants and fiber making you feel satisfied on fewer cals!

Greek Yogurt - Pop some containers of Greek Yogurt in the cooler and you have a protein packed snack which contains probiotics to promote gut health! Throw some of those awesome berries on top and you are in for a delightful treat at the beach! You won't even look twice at the soft-serve! 

Now that we have our beach friendly snacks, what do we carry them all in? Check out this awesome cooler/chair/backpack that makes lugging everything to your perfect beach spot a snap!

And most importantly, be sure to stock up on tons of water when heading down the shore! Extremely important and essential to keep hydrated on a hot summer day, plus water makes the whole body run better;)