This week,  our incredible Kara is dishing out her top tips on how to make the most of your NSS class! Let us know what you think and any fitness or class questions you would like us to tackle!

1) First of all, please come to class hydrated and having had a pre workout snack. A protein bar, protein smoothie, banana with peanut butter, handful of almonds, etc are some great options.

2) Women who have taken my class know that I am ALWAYS reminding them about FORM!  When standing,  have a soft/slight bend at the knees with all weight in the heels.  A good way to double check that weight is in heels is having the ability to lift your toes.

3) Exhale during the hardest part of a movement.  For example, if doing a shoulder press, inhale to prepare and exhale to execute the movement.   Same applies with ab exercises, inhale to prepare and exhale when doing movement.  Holding your breath does not help anything!

4) If you are struggling to get through an exercise, take a moment to "reset"  or modify.  For example, if you are doing bicep curls with 8 lb weights, and you feel like you cannot do anymore, drop down to 5 lb weights!  It is better to use less lbs, but with correct form, rather than struggle with the 8 lbs. Always use the hips or shoulders to launch the weights up and isolate the area of body you are working out in a particular movement.

5) When rotating in circuit, if you feel like you are not sure what station is next, or what the movement is, simply take a peek at the person next to you, refer to station signs or just ask ME   I am always there to help and offer any assistance!!!

6) When we do cardio rounds, do what you can!   If you feel light headed just march in place.  If you are too fatigued to do "burpees," modify and do jumping jacks !  Just keep moving!

7) Take water breaks when needed.  Rolling out shoulders, loosening up wrists and taking deep breaths are a great way to "reset."  I encourage a quick reset after each station stop !

8) Lastly, and most importantly, have fun with it.  We all encourage each other and have fun!  If there is a particular body part you are interested in working out that day, speak up!  It is a total body class, but sometimes I get requests for more abs or more arms, so dont be shy:)

All Aboard!!!  Next stop??  Skinny!!!!