Ring in the new year by taking the new WiO 8-week challenge!

Tighter in Twenty(13), our first ever intense interval training sessions, will kick-off on Wednesday, 1/9 at 8:15pm, hosted by instructor, Heather Hamwey. This 8-week challenge will be held every Wednesday until 2/27.

So what is this 8-week interval training challenge anyway?

We asked Heather for herself and she said "short, effective, efficient, and intense!" Can you feel the burn already?!

Tighter in Twenty(13) will be jam packed with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and take your fitness to the next heart-pumping level.

The premise of interval training is simple: When you vary your effort by mixing periods of high and low intensities during your workout, your fitness will improve faster and more dramatically.

Because HIIT is physically demanding, Heather will gradually build up your training program over the 8-weeks so that you don’t overdo it. What's even more exciting is that by using intervals like the Tabata Method, she will fire up your metabolism during and after the workout. Powering through these difficult repetitive rounds will challenge you physically while building mental toughness and will power.

This challenge will be based on performing an exercise at maximum effort for :20 seconds (get it? Tighter in Twenty!). At maximum effort seems easy, but by the eighth round Heather promises you’ll understand why this is the best way to challenge yourself in the New Year!

Did you know Heather is also a certified personal trainer too? Participate in this 8-week challenge and you'll be sure to not only tighten up, but learn a few new workout skills along the way!

Tighter in Twenty(13) doesn't stop there! For the first time ever offered at WiO, get a full nutrition assessment and suggested meal plan by our nutritionist. You'll get to see how well your diet stacks up for your body's needs and how to get the most out of the foods you choose!

This challenge will teach you how to workout smarter, eat smarter, and get 2013 off to an overall smart start!

Sign-up now through 12/23 and receive a free class and WiO socks.

Call the studio 201.222.0802 or purchase online. 

This challenge will cost $450 for training and nutrition. All studio policies apply and the challenge is non-refundable and non-transferrable.