This 8-week Challenge, Tighter In Twenty(13) was extremely rewarding to coach. When WiO asked me to develop a New Year’s challenge, I wanted to create a class where we would discover new strengths and abilities emotionally and physically. The class layout consisted of high-intensity intervals and each week we progressed by adding an exercise and/or extra round making the circuit more difficult. Different than some challenges, we did not focus on measurements or weight; however wanted direct our focus more on emotions and behaviors that affect our health and fitness regimens. A common New Year’s resolution is to ‘lose weight,’ but we focused on making the girls BETTER, STRONGER & SMARTER!

Week 1 was our most important class. I wanted to understand WHY they were here, WHAT they wanted to get out of the 8-weeks, and HOW they were going to accomplish their personal goal(s) throughout the 8-weeks. Every week we focus on their daily health and fitness regimens and what they were doing to make themselves feel better. For example, being more aware of their workout schedule, working outside comfort level during workouts, and what daily challenges are faced that get in the way of sticking to their health and fitness regimen they wish to stick to. Every week, we dedicated 30-min (sometimes more) to discuss everyone’s experience with the tasks, and personal stories and experiences.

Every week I was impressed with their honesty, vulnerability and dedication to this challenge. They definitely discovered ways to overcome some parts of their lives that were holding them back from consistent workouts, and began making the commitment to themselves to eat healthier and make workouts a priority. Whether they tried a new class, drank more water, or chose a workout over working late -- each girl felt better emotionally and physically! They admitted they can’t believe that in just 8-weeks of really taking time to focus on ‘YOU’, they were able to discover what really makes them feel their best.  

I am so proud of how the 8-weeks went! I believe each of us learned something new about ourselves, and everyone is feeling more motivated than ever. I am so thankful I was able to learn more about each girl and have this opportunity to see them grow each week. There definitely was a special bond created in these 8-weeks and we all know that it all started with Tighter In Twenty(13)!