Happy Throwback Thursday! Want to know what the secret is all about?  Well, today it is being revealed.  For the next two weeks will be spilling the beans about our Victorious Secret Challenge!  This week we interviewed fitness director, Kara Hermes who is the co-creater of the program along with Monica Goldsack and owner Noel Descalzi. 

Kara, please tell us what the challenge is all about? The Victorious Secret Challenge is an eight week program that combines, fitness, nutrition and support that is needed to loose those unwanted lbs. We break down the group of ten ladies into two teams.  I am the team leader and coach of one team and Monica is the coach of the other!  Monica, Noel and I work as a team to motivate, push and teach these challengers to be all they can be.  Each challenger gets a ton of individualized attention and are taught creative yet difficult fitness challenges each week. 

What do some of the work-outs look like? Well, each week Monica, Noel and I create a specific work out for the week.  Week 1 was a welcome day where we gave strength and endurance assessments as well as initial weigh ins & body measurements. Week 2 was focused on strength training with weights and cardio. Week 3 we worked on core strength and band work.  Week 4 was dedicated to testing the ladies endurance which included an outdoor run and obstacle course.  Week 5 consisted of a boxing class which promoted confidence.  Week 6 was about testing our focus with relay drills and yesterday was all about energy where we challenged the ladies with circuit training.  Our remaining week 8 will be all about victory, where we will have an outdoor course set up at Pier A. May the best team win! It will be great to see how far we have come!

Wow, looks like you have the fitness covered, what about nutrition?  I'm glad you asked! This is a completely well-rounded challenge.  We did not want to give these women just the essential fitness tools, we wanted to also provide education around nutrition and overall wellness. Being knowledgable about both is the key to a healthy mind & body.  On the first day of the challenge we taught the competitors how to use MyFitnessPal.com which is an online site that helps you track your food and exercise intake, they loved this.  We also brought in Hoboken local and healthy food chef, Julie Hartigan. Julie helped teach the ladies the right foods and portions sizes they should be putting into their body!  She also contributed some of her delicious, healthy recipes! They have been treated to low fat guacamole tastings, watermelon mojitos (no alcohol) and other great treats that are all low in calories and sugar!  And, we didn't stop at food they have been treated to style consultations, make-up application demos as well! We want these women to feel amazing about themselves. This is not just a diet. This is about creating a healthy lifestyle. 

 Kara, what have you noticed in the competitors throughout the program and what do you do to keep them motivated? The girls have been 100% committed from the moment they signed up! We have heard anything from "my jeans are fitting better"  to "I have much more energy all day long"  to " I never thought I could run a mile!"

Another positive is the women have been bonding and have something to look forward to every week!  The work outs are partner driven and this really helps keep them working together! On the first day of the challenge we gave them an inspiration poster. This helps give them an extra push.  It is actually easy to keep them motivated because they are so courteous, encouraging and inspiring with one an other! They want to challenge themselves and are proud of each other and their accomplishments.

Stay tuned for next week!
We will be interviewing some of the VS competitors!


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