Happy Throwback Thursday!  

Today we are revealing someone a lot of you know very well, one of our enthusiastic Zumba instructors.. .

Kelly Anne Wadler

Total Weight Loss: 30 lbs and counting!

 My Relationship with Work it Out: I received my Zumba certification in June of last year.  I had always heard of this cute gym called WiO and once I had choreographed my first set I stopped by to see if they were hiring.  Two weeks later, the fabulous Kara called me in to sub. The rest is Zumba history!  It is has been an absolute JOY working at Work it Out, everyone is extremely supportive, welcoming and FUN.  I make a new friend in every class I teach and the members inspire and motivate me to be the best instructor I can be. My relationship with WiO is currently growing even further, however this time it is behind the scenes.  I have taken the role as WiO’s Social Networking Communicator.  When it comes to social media WiO covers it all Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Constant Contact, you name it we are on it.  We want the WiO community to know that we are not just an in and out gym, we are providing a constant support system to help you build the lifestyle you want.  So, with that said if you haven’t already, get connected with us on any of these sites!

A Little Bit about Myself: Anyone who takes my class will quickly find out that I am an outgoing girl who loves to dance, have fun and laugh, mostly at myself.  I have been a dancer since 9 and have always loved being on stage. I graduated from Hofstra University in ’09 with a BFA in Theater Performance and am now a freelance teaching artist for schools in the tri-state area, a performer, a party motivator and last but certainly not least a Zumba fitness instructor.

My Lifestyle Changes: Two years ago if someone had told me I would become a fitness instructor, I would have answered…”Funny joke.”  I have always been an extremely active girl but after puberty hit my weight has been a CONSTANT STRUGGLE.  The frustration of exercising and crash dieting and not getting any results tore my self-esteem apart.  I had some serious dark years of hating my body, which inevitably led to hating myself.  I just turned 25 and within this last year I have started to figure myself out and it started with acceptance and love.  Firstly, I changed my relationship with food.  The saying “you are what you eat,” started to make perfect sense and I began an amazing cleansing system that taught me to eat REAL food and listen to my body.  Secondly, I began challenging myself in my own classes and taking other instructor 's classes; if I wasn’t dead after my own Zumba class I wasn’t working hard enough. Thirdly, I am teaching myself to love myself and am doing this by slowly but surly accepting who I am. Whenever those inner demons come up I say, “I hear you, but I am not going to listen this time, I am beautiful.” 

Weight Loss and Motivation: Since I've started at WiO I have lost close to thirty pounds.  What keeps me going? There is no better feeling, than healthy.  I am also constantly inspired by the women I meet and teach.

Three pieces of advice for my fellow WiOs: 1) Be forgiving to yourself.  Nobody is perfect and we all have flaws. Embrace yours and learn from them. 2) Try as hard as you can not to eat late at night… I swear by this! 3) Spread the love.  Show love not only to yourself but also to the other women at the studio.  WiO is truly a special place. The community of women at WiO are so supportive, encouraging and kind to one another which makes it that much easier to stick to your goals.

 So, that's me!  Thank you for reading my story and  I will see you around the studio! Anytime, anyone has any body/self frustrations or appreciations, PLEASE never feel hesitant to approach me about it.  Believe me, I totally get it.  Also, get connected with WiO asap. There is so much to learn and we are here to provide the education, in and out of the studio.

Do you have a WiO success story you want to share? 

Email us at info@workitoutgym.com and tell us what WiO has done for you!