Typically we feature an old photo of a WiO Team member and you have to guess who, however this week we’re mixing things up!  We want to incorporate you, our community into the fun! Today we are featuring a very dedicated WiO goer:

 Whitney Lesch! 

Total weight loss: 31 pounds and counting!

Whitney has seen significant progress thanks to WiO’ing with us and we want to share her success story! 



  • How did you find WiO? Through a friend who signed up through a LivingSocial deal and thought I would like it. Boy was she right!
  • What classes do you take? Everything! (Ride Mixer, Next Stop Skinny, CandyBarre, Sweata Weather, Ab Salute, Show Off, Zumba Love, Riding High, Hard Core, Hottie Pilates)
  • What lifestyle changes have you made since beginning WiO? I am completely healthier in general! Before I would be very on-again, off-again with the gym - I would have periods where I went all the time and then didn't go for months. I am now on-again for good, thanks to WiO! I find myself making a lot less excuses as to why I can't work out (time, being tired, etc.) I enjoy my time at WiO so much, it has changed my mindset and I make the time or find the energy to work out. As a result, I'm making better choices with my diet and my free time. I now go for a run rather than watching TV! Success! It is great to have such a supportive community at WiO. In addition to loving the classes, I have made some great friends that keep me motivated and convince me to do crazy things, like sign-up for triathlons!

Do you have a WiO success story you want to share?  Email us at info@workitoutgym.com and tells us what WiO has done for you!