Happy Throwback Thursday! Thanks for joining us again for ANOTHER story of success! Today we are featuring loyal WiO goer, the hard working, newly engaged....

Ashley Brown
Total weight loss: 23 pounds and counting!

  • How did you hear about us and what made WiO more appealing to you? I heard of WiO through a friend and really liked the idea of signing up for classes instead of committing to a contract. Some gyms can be so aggressive and WiO really seemed to get the point.  WiO succeed in making the gym a fun place to be and work hard rather than a boring cookie cutter environment. In my opinion, WiO far surpasses any experience I've ever had. It's a comfortable and inspiring environment and I no longer find working out a chore. I've also made some really great friends there!
  • What are your favorite classes?  I LOVE all of the classes I take! They offer such a great variety of full bodywork outs and others with more specific focus. Classes I take at the studio include: Ride, Ride Mixer, Riding High, Zumba Love, Next Stop; Skinny, Sweata Weatha and Ab Salute. I can't wait to finally try GirlBand and the new one, Upper Class!
  • What are the most important lifestyle changes you have made?  I think the biggest change I've made is cooking at home. I hardly eat out anymore or order delivery and when we do go out, it's more special. When we cook at home I know exactly what's going into our food and it's easier to not overeat because the portion sizes are normal and not excessive, like at a restaurant. Eat less, move more. That's basically what I've done.
  • How much weight have you lost in total and what keeps you motivated to continue?  So far I've lost 23 pounds and hope to keep going! Besides the fact that it's more fun to go shopping for clothes, I feel a whole lot better than I used to. I sleep better and wake up feeling more energized. I've noticed that I've gotten better in some of the classes and can use heavier weights. I like pushing myself and reaching new goals. One day I hope to use green AND purple weights in Sweata Weatha!
  • What are 3 pieces of advice you would offer your fellow WiO'ers to help them stick to their goals and accomplish them?
    1.Try not to get discouraged. I hit a plateau for about a week and a half and just wanted to give up. I had to reminded myself that this was a lifestyle change, not just a crash diet. I knew I'd be right back where I started and I was determined to lose weight for summer! In the long run, if I was going to maintain the better workouts and nutrition forever then a week and a half at the same weight didn't really matter.
    2.Don't deprive yourself and one treat doesn't have to ruin the whole day (or week.) For a few months now I've been eating healthier, working out and trying to drink less alcohol. Then, I got engaged! Needless to say, the champagne was flowing and there was much less opportunity to eat very healthy. But, now that the initial celebrations are over, what's new to me is the idea of getting right back on track sooner rather than later. I used to have a treat and then think I blew the whole day so ate whatever I wanted. Now that I don't feel deprived and take joy in celebrations when they happen (also counts for holidays) it's easier to get right back on track.
    3.Use friends for motivation. When I really, really, really don't feel like getting my butt off the couch to work out, I try and find someone else who will be at the gym or get someone to go with me. It's the extra push I need and it makes it way more fun!


Congratulations Ashley!

To be continued... after the wedding!!

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