Happy Throwback Thursday!

Today we are revealing our  incredible Barre & Band instructor, not to mention a National Fitness Award Winner...

Francesca Ruiz

What is your relationship with Work it Out?: I am the Candy Barre and Girl Band instructor at WiO.  I went to high school with Noel and admired her background in gymnastics.  I knew she had opened a gym in town, so I had approached her with some ideas and our fitness relationship was born!

Tell us a little about yourself: I have been dancing since three years old and ended up going to school for theater.  I gradated with a BA in Theater Studies from Montclair University in ’09.  I realized quickly after graduating that the ups and downs of the acting world were not where I wanted to focus my career. I noticed that what I missed most in my life was my original passion of dance and fitness.  So, I went full force back into the world of fitness. I am now a wellness coach and will become a certified personal trainer.

You look amazing, tell us about your healthy lifestyle and fitness competitions: A year ago I found a wellness company that saved my mothers life changed my health and body.  I decided to pursue a career coaching others through their program to achieve their health and wellness goal. Through that wonderful company I was able to meet some women who inspired me to take a look at what I was doing and to challenge myself further.  After months of building a relationship with Oxygen cover model and now friend and mentor Lori Harder I decided to bite the bullet and check out what the fitness competing world was all about. I immediately fell in love as it reminded me of my dance competition days and I saw this as an opportunity to set a goal for myself.    This way I was able to find balance with the needs of my clients and my own needs. Just six weeks ago I began training for my very first fitness competition. It was a national level competition and I placed 11th out of 34 girls.  I feel accomplished.

Three words of advice to your fellow WiOs: 1. Always strive to keep balance in your daily life  2. Treat yourself with kindness. Love your body and love the process.  3. Eat often. Eat wholesome good food, drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. 


Do you have a WiO success story you want to share? Email us at info@workitoutgym.com and tell us what WiO has done for you!