You might have seen it on the schedule. You may have wondered, 'what is Monica doing teaching a disco class?!'

Quite the contrary my friends! Core Disc-o and Blended Core Disc-o are anything but a corny dance party from circa 1971, we promise! While we love kitschy names for our classes, don't be fooled, just because it sounds cute, doesn't mean it's not a bad a$$ workout! And Core Disc-o lives up to our sweat standards.

Our instructors spent time piecing together the perfect class that utilizes these unique stability discs that engage your core for the whole 50-minutes of class. (P.S. - are you starting to piece together the name now too?!). Because we love reading about fitness, and everything we do is steeped in research and trends, we learned that stability discs aid in strengthening your core, improving posture and balance. Not to mention, it is great for rehab (no, not Lindsey Lohan style). We mean, rehab for various leg injuries and support in decreasing in back pain. 

This class incorporates the use of a stability disc throughout the entire class from planks, to bicep curls, to squats. By the end you will walk away feeling taller and stronger in your 6-inch heels, as if you were Naomi Campbell on the runway in Paris! Additionally, a stability disc will train your body to deal with uneven surfaces that you come across in everyday life and reduce the likelihood of injuring yourself. We all needed a little Core Disc-o in our lives while we were battling the icy sidewalks this Winter!

Show your body some love and check out our Core Disc-o class every Saturday at 10am with Monica at Willow. We also have a Blended version of this class every Tuesday at River starting at 8:00pm.