The 21-Club was a huge success! These ladies committed to 7-weeks of workouts that were physical and mental, learned ways to increase their awareness of living a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Read personal accounts from instructor, Heather and WiO’s participants! 

Heather, beaming ear to ear when she spoke about her 7-week experience as the coach:

“This year’s challenge was amazing to coach! Our participants stayed dedicated throughout the 7-weeks, attended each session with a smile, and today can capitalize on the learnings and strength gained (physically & mentally). I am so proud of each girl; they came with different goals and finished with a common outcome - success! They were able to find a personal formula to stick to their newfound health and fitness habits which will help them continue on this exceptional journey.”

What did our participants learn from The 21-Club? Read on...


Felicia, a newly engaged, working gal can finally carve out time for her workouts:

“Routine works better for me and when I find a schedule that works, it helps me stick to it. During the 21-Club, I discovered that I’m much stronger than I thought - I would have never reached for the eight pound weights before! Some workouts are definitely more mentally challenging than physically challenging. Heather created a session using the balancing discs, something I had never done. It was completely out of my comfort zone, but with extra focus, I felt extremely accomplished after I completed the difficult workout.”

Felicia, who is getting married this May, has found her health and fitness groove! Keep an eye out for Felicia’s wedding story on our special WiO Bride blog section this summer!

Sonia, a loyal Go Mommy balances her career and main role as a Mommy to son Jude. Here she shares how The 21-Club made an impact on her:

“Over the past few years, I gained a sizable amount of weight and tried multiple times to start a fitness plan.  I would do awesome in the beginning and then life would get in the way. It was easy to put work, family and friends in front of exercise. During The 21-Club, I learned a very valuable lesson; it is okay to put my health as a priority. I now schedule my workouts the same way as I schedule conference calls, play dates, and other important engagements.  I now look forward to my workouts and feel more energized afterwards. I am a better stronger me. I would be lying if I did not admit I was intimidated in the beginning, but Work it Out is a very supportive environment no matter your size or fitness level. This program made an indescribably positive impact on my life and I look forward to continue to make strides to a healthier me.”

Emily, (who you heard from mid-challenge) new to WiO as a studio associate shares more from her experience:

“My will power is stronger than I thought and I am proud of myself every time I complete a class. ‘I CAN do it, I CAN be successful with my workouts’.  I am happy developing my strength physically by using my mental strength. My body is able to change shape quickly if I want it to (I actually dropped a size!), and I embrace me and my changing shape. I have learned that it is better to use the empowerment of the woman working out next to me instead of comparing and putting myself down during a session. I'm happy to say that since The 21-Club I have found my own internal inspiration instead of being so self critical.”

We are so happy our 21-Club ladies discovered new strengths and abilities they never knew existed by learning new lifestyle, health, and fitness techniques to ultimately establish better habits!