These are a few of my favorite things -

  • 1 Distressed jeans- any cut/style/color
  • 2 Lace
  • 3 Blazers
  • 4 Shoes (with embellishment)
  • 5 Stackable jewelry
  • 6 Embellished handbags

I’m currently obsessed with distressed jeans. I would love to get into a pair of the “boyfriend cut”  but for now I’m in love with these skinny AG’s that I picked up (after much debate and distress over dropping more than what my Dad would say is necessary for pants with holes in them) at Anthropologie. For some reason they make me happy, maybe it’s because I was never allowed to wear pants with holes in them in public as a kid, maybe it’s because they make me feel a tiny bit edgy, maybe it’s because they can take a girly look and instantly make it more “Pennsylvania”, if you will.  (I say this because I used to help with weeding our property as a kid, and my jeans would get the worn look after beautifying a garden from weeds). You get the idea, they just make me feel comfortable. Shopbop has a great selection in many different cuts and I’m sure there’s a pair calling your name, here.  

Lace and peplums. It’s a girly combination. Flatters the figure because of the cut making the illusion of a small waist due to the seam hitting right at the natural waist and then the gentle flare of the peplum.  Who does not love a splash of coral red? This was also a recent purchase from Anthropologie, and I can already see it becoming a go-to piece for special occasions.  If you’re not all about red, it comes in two other colors as well!

Black blazer. I should not have to say much more here other than, if you don’t have one, please get one. It take’s ANY outfit and transforms it instantly to a finished look. Try a few different cuts and styles on before you decide on what will make it into your closet. You don’t have to spend a lot either, especially if it’s a look you’re just trying out. I will say though, if you welcome it to your closet, or bring it back to the front of your closet there are so many ways to make a blazer a signature look.  This one happens to be BCBG. I loved the touch of black power net peeking out from the hem and the sleeves. Simple, yet fun. I have a friend who I swear could be a black blazer model. Scarves, big chunky necklaces, skinny jeans, leggings, pencil skirts, she just knows how to rock one and I always look to her for black blazer inspiration.  Here’s just a few different styles for you to browse through- WARNING- this is a great fashion site. Be careful with your credit cards!

Studded shoes. I can’t even tell you the story behind these shoes. (I planned my weekend around going to pick up the last pair of these shoes at a mall that was not so close by, “Kids, do you want to go on an adventure?!”) Have you ever worn something that friends, family, and complete strangers compliment…for me, it’s these shoes. Mad kudos to Zara for making these and bringing that little twinkle to my toes. Don’t be afraid to get a pair of “loud” shoes that will funk up any outfit. I am a big fan of Zara’s shoe collection from this past spring and summer.  I can’t wait to see what the Fall/Winter collection has in store. For now I’m trying to figure out how to get these little delights in my closet. 

Stackable jewelry (see featured image.)  You all know by now that I am a die hard Stella and Dot fan, but I might be cheating on Stella and Dot a bit with Iosselliani. I discovered them while perusing the Shopbop site and fell in love with all the designs. Thankfully this discovery happened before my birthday and James  got me my first piece, which I have been known to wear to sleep because I love it so much. This site is just conveniently having a sale!

Finally, embellished bags. This one happens to be a Bagdley Mischka bag I got 4 years ago from Santa, and I have 2 friends lined up fighting to become it’s next owner. Here’s a style that’s similar color wise that I also love. 

What are your favorite things? Have questions how to wear them? Email me at