There is something under the holiday tree this season for everyone that loves Work it Out!
We are excited to announce our brand new kits built and customized for every fitness need, big or small, and our amazing gymnasts too! Check each of them out below and maybe a little elf will deliver it to you for the New Year! 
You can purchase these online or in the studio. Give us a call with any questions (Willow - 201.222.0802 or River - 201.710.5458).
Our STARTER Kit is just what you need to kick it up a notch or get back in the swing of things! $499, 6-months to complete!
Fitness doesn't have to be stressful. Our RELAX Kit brings sweat and zen into your life for 1-month! $325!
Grab your BFF and bond in the studio with our BESTIE Kit! Because who wants to get their butts kicked alone?! $400 and 3-months to work it out together!
A la Carte isn't only on fancy restaurant menus! Build your own mixture of WiO supplies for you or a friend with our A LA CARTE Kit! Start pairing items for $50 and up! Expiration dependent on items selected.
Be a Perfect 10 with our GYMNAST Kit! $210 and 3-months to complete!