This past Spring we welcomed Alex Joy and Kristen, two instructors we have come to know and love. It’s that time again where the seasons change, the sun shines brighter, beaches are filling up, and the parks are buzzing with activity.  Everywhere is heating up, and our studios are no exception! Hot off of our Open Call in April, we want to send a warm summery welcome to two brand spanking new instructors, Brittani and Virginia! Part of the community already, Brittani and Virginia both started in class, riding next to you, but it was not before long these rockstars were ready to lead the pack themselves! We are so excited to see our team grow, from the inside out, and watch these fierce women go from sweating it out in class to making YOU sweat it out during their classes.

As with all new instructors, Brittani and Virginia have gone through the Work it Out instructor training program where they have devoted their energies to learning about our studiosclasses, and overall community. They learned side-by-side our seasoned instructors, put together demos for our management team, and continued to take a variety of classes at Willow and River.

Meet Brittani and Virginia!


Virginia developed a real passion for group fitness after coming to Work it Out in 2012. Hooked on Ride classes from day one she has never looked back. After receiving her Mad Dogg Spin Certification she is ready to bring her unique style to the studio. Raised in the birthplace of bluegrass, cutting her musical teeth on early hip-hop, and having attended concerts from Van Halen & Metallica to Eminem & Jay Z (plus EVERYTHING in between) you never know what song might pop up next on her playlist. Virginia and her husband have lived in Hoboken since '98, adding a daughter to the mix in '05. When she is not at WiO you will surely find her out and about in the Mile Square City....make sure you stop her to say hello! She will be teaching a Go Mommy class on Mondays at 10:15am in our Willow Studio to start, and will be added across the schedule soon!



At the young age of two, Brittani's parents could see her love for movement and music and decided to leverage her energetic personality into dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, ice-skating, you name it! Dance was her passion for years, but after graduating college it became less available to her. The lack of dance inspired Brittani to branch out into the fitness world; and after finding her groove on the bike, her passion truly flourished. She achieved her Mad Dogg Spinning certification and developed a strong desire to teach! She works a 9-5 job and gets motivated knowing she will be on the bike at the end of her day. Brittani's hope is that her motivational tactics and disciplined nature will get you to reach your goals while letting your day go and staying 100% in the moment! Join her on Thursdays at 8:20pm to Ride the work day away!

Our new schedule for the upcoming week posts every Monday at Noon. Be sure to sign on and sign up for your favorite classes! Any questions, you can email us at or call us at Willow 201.222.0802 or River 201.710.5458.