Welcome to our weekly fitness feature, "STEF IT UP," a fitness how-to with our very own Stefanie Spitz, and host of the Women's Workout Daily Blog.   

 Fall in Love with WiO Ride

This week I’m going to talk about one of my favorite cardio workouts as well as a class I teach, Spin.  Spin is for anyone of any size, sex and level.  Everyone in a spin class is able to work at their own pace and work to their optimal potential as they get more skilled. 

There are a variety of different spin bikes.  All stationary bikes allow you to use the resistance knob in order to change the effort you are putting towards your peddling. In a spin class the instructor will encourage the students to amp up the resistance in order to challenge the clients. There are different ways the teachers will work a class, one example being “climbing a hill.” This is an exercise when the instructor will have the class start off at a low resistance and gradually add some on in order to change the effort you are exerting.

Ride classes challenge your core to really support your body weight. They also help with form and help to build great strength throughout the body. There are different ways teachers will change up a class to not have it be monotonous, i.e. adding a weights/arms section.

So, be sure to check out a WiO Ride class today, you will LOVE it!

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