Traditionally, 4th of July activities include BBQs, pool parties, laying on the beach...oh and this year, a killer workout and a cool outfit! Our studios will be closed, but we've got you covered by creating an “on-the-go” workout just for you to follow before your celebrations begin. And if you want to amp up the workout with some amazing accessories check out Nike for sneakers, Lucas Hugh for stylin' shorts, and of course our fav water bottles by bkr. All you need is your body...and maybe water and a towel (wink wink!). Most of you will recognize these moves from our classes at the studio, Next Stop; Skinny and Sweata Weatha. If you’re away with friends and family why not bring everyone together and conduct the workout all together!

Begin with your warm-up:

  • 20 jumping jacks

  • 10 squats

  • 10 alternating reverse lunges

  • 10 arm circles (towards the back)

  • 20 jumping jacks

  • Stretch any additional muscles that need some extra attention

Now, let’s get to work!

Exercise #1: 20 squats

Exercise #2: 15 burpees

Exercise #3: 15 push-ups (assisted or unassisted)

Exercise #4: 20 alternating reverse lunges (stationary)

Exercise #5: 30 quick mountain climbers

Rest :30 seconds to 1-minute

REPEAT this circuit 4 - 5 times

Core Series:

Exercise #1: 30 two-count bicycles

Exercise #2: 15-20 full sit-ups (use crunches as a modification)

Exercise #3: 40 seated twists (lift your toes of the floor if it’s available)

Exercise #4: 1-minute plank

Exercise #5: :30 second side-plank; repeat to the other side

Exercise #6: 1-minute plank

(Workout created by Heather Colanero, Instructor & Class Quality Director)

Ah, it’s time to cool-down! Take a nice child pose position to start and then slowly move through your entire body for a relaxing stretch while taking those nice, deep breaths.

Please make sure to capture a photo of yourself (and friends) in action to let us know you did it! Tag us @WiOwithus and use the hashtag #WiOonthego! Have fun, keep moving and get a little sweaty this holiday weekend; Nothing stops a WiO Woman!