Hello WiO readers! Spring love is in the air! Being Noël’s younger sister and playing a role in Work it Out, (her biggest dream) has been an honor like no other. The past three years have been pretty over whelming for us. (Photo Above: Me, Noël, our Mom, sister Tara)

Quick rundown: she opened WiO, is getting married in July, and now is opening a second location in September. Talk about keepin’ it moving! I look up to her more than any one else. She has taught me about work ethic and how to be confident and passionate about what you choose to do with your life. Now, did I mention I’m also her Maid of Honor? When she asked me, I was a little surprised. I’ve never been in a bridal party before, never mind Maid of Honor! Of course I said yes, but boy was I nervous. I had to balance school, working at WiO, and wedding planning! Luckily, that typical "Descalzi" confidence kicked in and I got the ball rolling!

My first task: Our adventure to Greece last summer to pick a venue. Which I should add, the reason they picked the venue was because of möi. Also, the reason they are getting married in Greece is because they have gone every summer since they first met and have many memories there. But anyway! We returned home and planned her engagement party extravaganza! I assisted with invitations, thank you’s, and save the dates. In the mean time Noël, as usual had “everything under control”, spoken like a true taskmaster!

Next big task: Planning her bridal shower! My mom and I wanted to keep it as much a surprise as possible, but of course this is difficult with private investigator Noël on the job. We designed her invitations at Yes I Do on Washington Street. We chose a dimly lit restaurant, Fire and Oak in downtown Jersey City. I thought this was a perfect choice! The décor was sleek and trendy and the location, was close enough to Queens for her fiancé’s family to attend. The bridal party handled the decorating and focused on a vintage travel theme. We rented cute appropriate props; old suitcases, globes, maps, postcards etc. For flowers I made sure to get Noël’s favorite, peonies, which are impossible to get in April apparently! As the guests responded, all eighty-seven of them… Yes 87 guests. I decided rather than doing individual place cards to organize the seating arrangements by an idea I discovered on Pinterest.  I hung the table seating cards by twine in an open suitcase held by clothespins. I wanted to do something fun and crafty so that it would be unique and special for her. The favors were light pink luggage tags, and for dessert we had beautiful sunflower cupcakes courtesy of Carlo’s Bakery!

 On April 27th the day was finally here! Since the restaurant was conveniently located in The Westin Hotel, the bridal party primped and sipped champagne in a private suite with the bride-to-be.  As 5pm rolled around, everything was in place and as the guests began to arrive, they wrote special messages on vintage postcards for the bride and groom.  I welcomed everyone and thanked them for supporting her. I then held up my glass and gave a toast to my beautiful sister. The dinner was plated and the food was to die for! The night went on with all 87 women chattering away as the photographer snapped great candid shots of everyone enjoying their evening.  After dinner was over, Nick (the groom-to-be) arrived and against Noël’s wishes, I forced her to play the Newlywed game because it wouldn't be right to not have any games at a shower, right?! The shower ended with a video that I put together of the couple, friends and family and their life together thus far. The evening was coming to an end and I was relieved to say, everything went perfectly! Planning a big shower was stressful, but worth it in the end and so much fun! Noël was beaming from ear-to-ear and that was all that mattered to me. 

I love you big sis! xoxo Devon