Apples are in no shortage during the Fall months, and who doesn't love some apple picking, but there is another "apple" that gets overlooked regularly. …And it's apple cider vinegar!

Yes, you heard us right! Apple cider vinegar is one of the earth's natural elixirs that has numerous benefits, but can also be intimidating when you don't know what to do with it. So here we come, WiO Wellness, to declutter the confusion on this powerful potion and help you mix up a healthy cocktail.

Tip 1: How to Purchase?

Select unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar, we suggest Bragg's. How do you know its unfiltered? It'll say on the bottle, but you'll also notice that it is cloudy, with some particles in it. The particles are considered the "mother," which are essentially probiotics and other beneficial bacteria ideal for your body.

Tip 2: Why to Sip It?

Apple cider vinegar naturally supports your immune system and digestion, due to the probiotics and beneficial bacteria. It can also help you out if you are constipated (shh, we won't tell anyone!). Potassium is naturally included and it's a form of an electrolyte, something you need after or before a great class. For every 2-tbs of apple cider vinegar, you get 22-mg of potassium. It's recommended that you get 4.7-grams/day. Additionally, it includes acetic acid which has been shown to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism and decrease water retention - all in an effort to help you control your weight.

Tip 3: How to Make an Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail?

We do not recommend drinkingapple cider vinegar straight. It is acidic so it can aggravate your stomach and damage your tooth enamel. Here is a fool-proof recipe that we make and sip on throughout the day.

  • 2-tbs of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar  (raw - unfiltered)

  • 8-12-oz of filtered water

  • 1/2-tsp of cinnamon (why cinnamon? lab studies have found that it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, along with the ability to fight bacteria in your body)

  • 1/4-tsp of cayenne pepper (why cayenne? its been shown to help with upset stomachs and intestinal gas, among other things)

  • 1-tbs of fresh lemon juice (or just squeeze a wedge of lemon)

  • And mix together

For more tips and tricks to kick up your healthy lifestyle, continue to check back on our blog and also join in on our WiO Wellness programs!