We are ecstatic to reveal a recent WiO engagement! Congratulations loyal WiO Stefanie Moret and hew new fiance Rob Iannacone! 

When did he propose?
Rob proposed on March 14th. To most people this is just a random date, but it's kind of special to us. It's a holiday of sorts. We're both giant nerds and as any good nerd knows, 3/14 is pi day. Rob picked it out so that in two years, on the ultimate pi day, we could tie the knot.

How did he do it?
He took me out for a fancy dinner. I'm still a little mad at him because I really didn't see any of it coming. Rob had apparently been planning the whole thing for like a month and because he was busy planning, I of course was mad at him for not spending time with me and giving me lame excuses all month. So he had me thinking the dinner was to make up for being busy the entire month. We went to the Dining Room at Anthony David's right here in town. The meal was so good and right after we ordered dessert, Rob started telling me how special I was and how much he loved me. I could kind of tell where it was going now, but then his phone rang and the waitess came back. He was adorably flustered and even though, I definitely knew it was coming now, I still burst into happy tears. Rob describes it as a "tear-splosion".

How did you know he was the one?
It was only a matter of putting the signs together. He makes me happy and feel special. Rob has a personal mission to make me laugh as much as possible. That mission only intensifies when I have a rough day. I think the biggest clue was that after a while, I just couldn't picture living a life without him in it.