One of our loyal instructors and clients, Sheillah Dallara not only balances her love for fitness, family and friends, she is also an active advocate for Autism Awareness. This disorder is very close to her heart for a very personal reason. Her oldest child, Alexander, was diagnosed with this disorder and since finding out, Sheillah has been focused on educating herself, others and helping Alexander.

In support of Autism Awareness month we are proud to host two charity rides with Sheillah at our River Studio on Sunday, April 27th at 3:00pm and 4:15pm. All proceeds raised for these  rides will be donated to the Wallace Elementary school, where Alexander has been a student since he turned 3. This school offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) classrooms to support children with Autism. We are hoping the money we raise will support the program, as well as additional tools like The VB-MAPP App, which allows special educators, psychologists, speech language pathologists and parents alike to conduct what is widely considered to be the “go to” assessment instrument for children and adolescents with developmental delays particularly in the speech and language area.

Participating is simple!

  • To participate in a charity ride, there is a minimum donation of $50, with all proceeds going to the Wallace School. This can be done online or by calling us at (201) 222-0802 or (201) 710-5458
  • Visit our schedule and choose your ride - 3:00pm or 4:15pm
  • If you want to donate more or cannot ride with us on Sunday, call the studio and we will process it for you

During this afternoon of support and awareness we will have information on the disorder, experts on hand to answer questions, as well as refreshments donated from local business in town. We are really looking forward to it and hope you can either ride or stop by!

Click here to learn more about Sheillah's drive to learn more about Autism and support Autism research and education. 


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