The trees are shedding their leaves this season, so why not join the fun and shed some extra baggage! WiO Wellness isn't about a quick fix or crash dieting. It's about learning what works for your body and lifestyle and how you can maintain the best version of yourself through eating whole, fresh foods.

People love to use the word detox, we even offer an option to 'detox.' But the truth is, it's a buzz word. If you are choosing the best foods for you, you'll never have to feel like you need to 'detox,' but rather reset every once in awhile. Our 3-Day Detox is that exact concept, demonstrating to you in a practical way, how to eat whole, clean foods.

How do you reset?

We recommend taking time at the change of each season to reflect on how you have been living. Are you workouts really working for you, are you sleeping well, what habits are benefitting or limiting you from living the best lifestyle you can be? And of course, how are you eating? This allows you to be mindful of your activities and especially how you are fueling your body through nutrition, exercise, and also rest.

This season, reset your nutrition with these season foods that will help cleanse you from the inside, out!

Just BEET it! This new kid to the superfood block is packed with phytonutrients. This means they help ward off cancer, fight inflammation, and protect your internal organs. Plus, they are filled with valuable nutrients and fiber including Vitamin C to boost your immune system and Potassium to help with muscle and nerve function. How much beets do you need and how to eat them? 1-c of raw beets can be added to any salad and it'll only run you 60-calories, plus you'll be getting 4-g of fiber. Or you can roast them and spruce up any side dish!


An APPLE a day…keeps the extra pounds away. This low calorie fruit provides 4-g of fiber in less than a 100-calories, meaning it'll fill you up and a nutritious way. The are also rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that combat heart disease. Eat 1-medium sized apple a day, with the skin, and you're getting a serving of fruit, as well a ton of other benefits. We also like to chop and toss in a salad, fruits and veggies love to be together!

LENTIL-licious. In some cultures these little beans are considered good luck, because they symbolize coins. Well they are pretty lucky in your nutrition! These savvy little beans are a powerhouse. 1-cup of cooked lentils includes 18-grams of lean protein. Hello Meatless Monday Meals! They are also a hot food for any pregnant WiO-ers out there. These beans include nearly 100% of your folate needs in just a cup, plus almost 40% of your iron requirements. All this for about 200-calories.

Mom was right!Eat your BRUSSELS SPROUTS! Part of the cruciferous family of vegetables, these sprouts offer you great health benefits. Filled with Vitamin A and C for antioxidant support, along with offering you half of your fiber needs for the day in just 1-cup, supporting your digestive system. You can roast 1-cup of brussels sprouts with a tbs of EVOO for a perfect side dish under 275-claories. Be sure to slice them in half and cover them in the oven to speed up the cook time.

Oh so, SWEET POTATOES. What can we say? They might look a little deformed in the grocery store, but they are nutritional all-stars! With all their antioxidants and vitamin A and C, they boost your immune system and support your overall wellness. Plus as a complex carbohydrate, they leave you fuller for longer for only 150-calories or less. Roast a whole one in the oven, or slice into strips for a healthy fry alternative.

So now it's up to you. Get to shoppin' for these seasonal vegetables and fruits and experiment! Your body will love you for it!

If you want more customized information about nutrition and wellness, check out WiO Wellness for more details!