We are saying good-bye to Summer, and welcoming in Fall. At the same time, we are putting the final touches on Work it Out River. Change is definitely in the air!

With the launch of Work it Out River in the next week, we will be bringing to you a new style of class, that can only be found under our roof, more classes on the schedule (check out MindBody on Monday, 10/7!), and an overall new studio for all members to use in a convenient location with additional amenities. Not to mention, we will be rolling out new apparel, brand new special packages, and introducing a few amazing instructors!

However with all these new additions, a few updates to our policies need to occur in order for us to continue elevating the Work it Out experience for you. Listed below you will find three areas that are evolving beginning October 14th. We cannot stress enough that these changes are not in an effort to complicate your workout, rather they are being made to streamline and provide greater access to our classes and studios for all clients.

 1. Early Cancellations

To allow clients a more efficient schedule and waitlist, clients must remove themselves from a class 4-hours ahead of the start time if they can no longer attend. This can be done on MindBody or by calling or emailing the studio. 

2. Fitness Class Sign-ups

Starting Monday, 10/7 you will see two studios listed on MindBody. There will be classes going on at the same time at different locations. Look for the (B) next to the class name, this indicates the blended style of class that will be offered exclusively at Work it Out River. Also on the schedule you will see "Location" and this will also help to limit any confusion on where the class is held.  

3. Child Care Updates

We want to entertain our little WiO-ers as best we can! And will be offering more child care options and activities. To keep a handle on our growing child care program there will be a fee associated with child care at both locations and sign-ups listed on our MindBody schedule. When you register for child care at River, you will see options for Child Care directly underneath the class, this is where you will sign-up your child. Pre-registration is only needed at River, due to the potential for classes to include up to 24-clients at a time. Pricing is as follows:

  • $10-drop-in

  • 10-Care Pack for $80

  • Unlimited Care for $160

  • 6-month Memberships receive unlimited child care for $50/month

  • 12-month Memberships include unlimited child care for no additional fee