It's a scorcher out there! Here are four great ways to get yourself out of the heat in town!

1) Stevens Aquatic Center - Yes! There is a way to take a nice dip in Hoboken and you can find it at Stevens Tech Institute! The Stevens Aquatic Center provides kids swim hours, adult swim hours and even private lessons. All you need to do is purchase a monthly swim pass and you are on your way to swim town! Click here to learn more.

2) Hoboken Beach- Believe it or not Hoboken has a mini beach on the water front where you can cool yourself down by the water! Just be sure not to take a dip because the Hudson is not something you want swim in! Our mini beach is located  at 11th and Sinatra and conveniently located right next to 16 handles yogurt shop! This way you can relax and cool down with a refreshing cup of FroYo in hand! 

3) Newport Beach - This adorable beach front is located by the Hoboken Transit Station and walkable by way of the waterfront walkway which connects Hoboken and Downtown JC! Cool down with your feet in the sand as you gaze at a magnificent few of NYC! Doesn't get much better than that! 

4) Hit the Studio - We have our AC pumping in the WiO Studio. Excape the brutal heat outside by getting a great workout with us while still feeling comfortable! Also, feel free to hang in our lounge area before and after your WiO class for as long as you need;)