We are here to set your fitness free everyday! So we pulled together our top 5 tips to make the most out of the studio. 

Having a hard time getting into class? Every week at Noon, we unveil our schedule on MindBody. Log into MB and grab a spot in your favorite class.

New to the studio? Arrive 15-minutes before the start of your class so you can fill out a registration form, take a tour of the studio, and meet the instructor.

Late cancel fees stink! Avoid them by cancelling 2-hours before the start of your class.

Waitlists are here to help our clients. Treat it like a reservation and cancel 2-hours before your class, unless you are willing to get added  to class in under 2-hours if there is a late cancel.

Experiment! Try as many classes as you can at WiO. We are the only studio in town with this much variety and they are all customized by our expert instructors.

If you ever have any questions call us, email us, Tweet us, Facebook us...you get it. We are always around to help you out!