When we think of our heart, especially around Valentine’s Day we think of love, nostalgic red heart boxes of chocolate, or candy conversation hearts...We don’t think of our heart acting as our most important muscle, do we? Well...let’s start! Many of us exercise to target a specific body part, right? We want six-pack abs, a firmer booty, perfectly toned arms. We all want to look good on the outside; however many of us overlook what’s on the inside, forgetting our body’s MOST important muscle: our HEART!

Starting with this impressive and fun fact: Your heart works at a rate of 100,000 beats per day!

How does exercise make your heart stronger?

Overall, muscles require more oxygen and nutrients at a quicker rate to fuel contractions, aka pumps. The natural response: Your heart beats faster to deliver more blood. Exercise makes your heart stronger by pumping blood more easily throughout during this entire process, keeping blood pressure healthy or reducing blood pressure that’s too high. It can also improve circulation, lower heart disease risk, improve blood cholesterol levels, and lower resting heart rates.

There is a lot of information here, so let’s compare the heart to another exercise and muscles worked in the squat. The more squats you perform, the stronger those muscles involved will be during daily activities, such as walking up the subway stairs, sitting & standing motions, or running after your little ones. This similar theory applies to your heart -- the more you work it, whether it’s in one of our Ride, Sweata Weatha, CandyBarre or Blended classes, the better and stronger your heart muscle will be everyday. You have to work muscles a little outside their comfort level in order for them to become stronger!

Your heart is an absolutely amazing machine and unlike muscles we see in the mirror, it never gets a break. Remember, there’s not a magic switch when it comes to keeping your heart muscle in good shape. A balance of exercise (with us) and healthy diet will keep you on the path of keeping your outside fit and your heart healthy and strong!

Since it's Valentine’s Day, we want to spread awareness and the importance of Heart Health Month through social media with a contest to win a heart bkr!

How can you participate?

It's easy!

  1. Re-gram our 'Healthy Heart' Instagram post and tag us (@wiowithus) and your friends!

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Contest runs through Valentine's Day! Winner will be announced next week!

Spread the obsession. Feel the love. Take care of your heart! #WiOHealthyHeart