2015 is here -- and we think it's going to be your best year yet! The first week of January is always a busy one at the studios, as everyone kick-starts their resolutions and fitness goals. But we want you (and know you can) to keep those goals all year long. That's why we polled WiO's amazing team of instructors to give you their secret 'fit tips' for keeping your new year fitness goals all the way to 2016. Here's what they have to say: Aliyah — “Make it social. It's hard to bail on a workout if you've already scheduled a run or a class with a friend. I try and do this at least twice a week. It's a great way to catch up and stay fit at the same time. Think of it as a happy hour — sans the calories.”

Cassie — “Consider your workout part of your day and make it a habit (that I promise you will soon love and crave!) Don't deprive yourself — rather, make choices that will benefit yourself physically and emotionally to kick off a fabulous new year!”

Heather — “Plan your daily workouts ahead of time and even plug them into your calendar.”

Jamie — "Make exercise part of your daily routine — like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Don't even think about it — just do it!”

Kristen — "Grab a friend and try new classes/exercises together.”

Michelle — “Map out your workouts for the week on Sunday evening! I take the time to sign up for classes, write them in my agenda planner/outlook calendar and most importantly, share with my friends what I will be up to for the week...it's always more fun to workout with a buddy.”

Monica — Quote from a client about being pushed in a class: “It's not what you say for me. It's how you give us the look of "Come on, I know you can..." And then you smile when we push harder.” Remember that.

Sheillah — "Keep positive and healthy mantras in your everyday lives. The power of positive thinking is stronger than you think.”

Sherri — “PLAN AHEAD — Pick out classes you want to take or haven’t taken and try them. Start with 2-3 weeks and build from there. Ask a friend along for extra motivation.”

Steph — “Set realistic and practical goals that set you up for success, like making sure you sign up for fitness classes that work for your schedule, or being realistic about how many times a week you can make time to cook dinner.”

Taryn — “Nothing will work unless you do!!!!”

Vanessa — “Set attainable goals and and give yourself enough time to achieve them, the biggest successes didn’t happen over night!”

So what do you think? Is 2015 the year you keep your goals and set your fitness free?! We think it is! See you in class!