Work-It-Out has been a significant part of my life for over 2 years. It sounds funny to describe a fitness center in such a way, but since taking my very first class my daily routine has changed, my social circle has broadened and my understanding of health and fitness has expanded. 
A co-worker of mine encouraged me to purchase a living social deal to Work It Out when the studio first opened and I have been a loyal member ever since. I remember some of my first spin classes with Kara and still get a bit nostalgic when she plays "Chocolate," an old-time favorite. 
My most memorable experience occurred not during, but rather soon after, one of Monica's Saturday morning Sweata Weatha classes. To date, this particular class is still rated in my "Top 5 Monica Hall of Fame Classes." Feeling worked to the max and completely satisfied, a few of us followed up class with iced coffees and conversations in the park. Later that day, one of the girls texted us that she went home to a marriage proposal (a proposal that was delayed due to our post-class gathering). It was at that moment that I knew I was a part of something special. I have made great friends that I not only share a workout bond with but I also get to share in significant events of their lives. I have celebrated Whitney buying her first place, Ginni getting a new job (Ok, 2 new jobs) and Jayme walking down the aisle. I've completed 2 Spartan races with Kara, seen Kelly star in a play and have made countless 7-11/Starbucks memories with Monica. I am proud to be a part of this community that extends beyond the confines of the studio. Thank you, Work-It-Out, for giving me more than a sweat session. 
I think because I have always been a runner, I was under the impression that working out was something you do solo. In the past 2 years I have learned, from WiO, that it is possible to exercise and have fun with friends simultaneously. The instructors and members are wonderful, positive women. I would advise anyone new to get to know the people behind the studio that make it so different from anywhere else. Your body and mind will thank you!