"Helloo WiO's!  Some of you might know me as the owner of Work it Out, others may have seen me teaching gymnastics, greeting you in the lobby or (doing what I do best) frantically primping the studio! This new blog topic "Notes from Noel" will let you inside my busy world of owning and growing Work it Out and offer some insight on how I try and keep things balanced and in perspective even though at times it can seem impossible! If you have any questions for me or comments about my upcoming entries, feel free to share.  I would love to hear from you."

Notes from Noel: Clear Your Mind

Ever since I was a child it's been difficult for me to relax. This was a big part of the reason my parents enrolled me into gymnastics class at the age of 3. You would think a child this active, would be sure to run out of steam at some point during the day. But no, no- not me! Never took naps and was always a troubled sleeper, my mother would try different bedtime tactics to get me to calm down; bedtime stories, back rubs, warm milk, countless glasses of water but nothing helped! I remember laying down in bed at night allowing my mind to race with thoughts- what I'd wear to school the next day, what I'd be doing in gymnastics and endless dreams of what I'd be when I grew up. For me relaxing was a time when my imagination would run wild and my creativity took over.
Fast forward 20 years later and not much has changed. I still have a hard time relaxing but luckily my racing thoughts and ideas now have the ability to come to fruition. The studio is a great example!  My vision for WiO from the start was based around the energy and ornamentation of the space. I'm intuitive by nature and feel very connected to places that exude positive energy. Which is exactly what I tried to do with WiO.
Building, growing and running your own business is like having a new baby, it needs constant care and attention. It also means that you're never off the clock! Like any job you care deeply about it, at times it can cause excessive thought. Unfortunately, sometimes those thoughts have a tendency to follow you home at the end of the day. It's inevitable that this will happen when you have a strong connection to your work. When we were in the construction phase of the studio, I would drive myself crazy over things like wallpaper choices, website design, lighting options etc. As WiO matured, growing pains began to develop and staying confident that we would get through them was also wearing on my emotions. In business, problems are bound to arise and a lot of times its all on you to figure it out the solutions. That's the easy part! The hard part comes in when you can't figure out how to quiet those thoughts when its time to relax. 
Allowing your brain and body relax is substantial to your productive thought process. If you do not take the necessary time to unwind, those overactive thoughts can become worry which will turn into stress and will lead to a hazy way of responding to situations.
There's good news in all of this!  I've learned that taking time away from a certain problem or important decision usually helps me find resolution or clarity in the conclusion. My suggestion.. get away! Anytime I feel myself getting to the point of not being able to clearly think, I acknowledge that it's about that time to give myself a break. Whether its a long vacation or a quick weekend out of town, taking myself out of my everyday routine does my mind good! It also allows me to have that "recharge" I knew I needed. Understanding not everyone has the luxury to take off of work whenever their mind needs a break- which let's face it, would be every weekend if we could manage it! I've put together some budget friendly mind relaxers for you to explore when you feel like escaping your every day routine. 
  • Last minute vacay's! I love to travel whenever I can and sometimes I find that spontaneous last minute get aways are the most fun and cost effective. Try sites like Priceline or TravelZoo for last minute deals! 

  • Music, Music, Music! Turn up the volume on some feel good music. It's unbelievable what a few good songs can do for your mind. Here are some of my favorite mood boosting songs: Shark in the Water - Merry Happy - Suddenly I See

  • Retail Therapy! Every woman knows that a trip to the mall will make everything better. (This may not be the most budget friendly but it will be sure to lift your spirits)

  • Find a Hobby! Whether its piano lessons, learning a language, DIY projects(Pinterest is great for this!) or classes at WiO. Find something that interests you and takes your mind off of work. 

  •  Explore Manhattan! I have lived in the tri-state area my whole life and a lot of times I take it for granted. There are endless attractions, museums, restaurants and parks throughout the city so get out there and explore!