Winter is hopefully coming to a close, and spring is blossoming (today is the first day of Spring!). With the change in season, comes new blossoming faces in our studios. Welcome Alex and Kristen to our sassy instructor staffWe met them both at our January Open Call. This was the first time we have ever hosted an Open Call, and boy was it an amazing day! We were dazzled by the strong and confident women that came out to demonstrate their skills. The talent is just amazing in the area, from right here in Hoboken and afar! 
Alex and Kristen, not only were a part of our inaugural Open Call, but they were also part of our growing Work it Out instructor training program. They dedicated their heart and souls to learning about our studios, classes, and overall community. They had meetings with our seasoned instructors, put together demos for our management team, and participated in classes at Willow and River as clients. So enough with what we have to say. It is time to hear all about Alex and Kristen! 
Alex is a bicoastal girl, born in New York City and raised in sunny Santa Monica, California, and now she's back to her roots in the city of dreams. A dancer from a young age, Alex has always had a passion for movement and music, but it was not until she found spin that her passion for fitness flourished. Alex believes in the transformation power of intense cardio and takes the strength of an athlete, the spirit of a yogi and the rhythm and fun of a dance club to push you towards the best, strongest version of you! She currently lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is a Columbia University MFA candidate in Acting  and a certified Heath Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

What keeps Alex moving? Endorphins! And music! And health! Looking fit is a byproduct for her, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either. Her fitness philosophy is to be kind to your body, treat it well, keep it active, and improve on one thing each time you workout. Acknowledge that the burn in a workout is not where you end, but where you begin, and is an opportunity for change and something new in your mind and body to open up. 

Right now, you can catch Alex teaching Monday evenings at River, 6:20pm (B) Upper Class and Friday mornings at River, 6:45am (B) Upper Class. But you'll start to see here teaching in a lot of other classes at our studios shortly!

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A recent graduate of the University at Buffalo, Kristen received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. She spent 2 years with the Zodiaque Dance Company in college and was a Lead Dancer in Irina Jade’s “Dance Like a White Girl” music video.

Kristen has 5+ years of experience teaching Dance and has won numerous awards for her choreography. Working with dancers of all ages inspired her to branch out into the fitness industry to continue exploring her passion for movement. She found her love for Spinning when she moved to New Jersey and is Mad Dogg certified.

Being a dancer her whole life has fueled a healthy relationship with exercise and food and Kristen hopes to share her knowledge with all of her clients. She uses music as a main source of inspiration and believes her classes facilitate an opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Her motivating personality will have you working your hardest but her upbeat playlists will keep a smile on your face! 

Join Kristen in her Wednesday 6:00am Naked Ride at River and Thursday 7:20pm Naked Ride at Willow!

Our new schedule for the upcoming week posts every Monday at Noon. Be sure to sign on and sign up for your favorite classes! Any questions, you can email us at or call us at Willow 201.222.0802 or River 201.710.5458.