Get one month of unlimited class at our River studio and one complimentary class at our Willow studio for $99.

Maybe you walked past us before or heard a friend talking about classes and thought, "I really need to check this out!" Well now is the time!

We have a really special 'new' client offer we've never made available before, all because we want you see what we are really all about. It includes one month of classes at our Work it Out - River Studio, plus a complimentary class at our Willow Studio for $99. This special membership is offered for brand, spankin' new clients, clients that haven't visited us in 6-months or longer, AND for any Willow clients that haven't been to the River studio more than once (you Willow ladies, will have to call or email us to purchase!). This special membership let's you experience how are studios are truly like no other. Whether you are a newbie to working out or a seasoned studio hopper - you won't have to go elsewhere for all the classes you love and you won't be disappointed! Here's why:

YOU and Work it Out! Our studios were designed to be a safe haven for women of all fitness levels. The broad offerings bring you a little bit of everything to ensure no matter what day it is, there is a work out to satisfy your needs. We offer specially designed classes, including Blended Ride, which is featured at our River Studio that you'll be taking the majority of your classes at this month, along with a huge portfolio of classes at our Willow Street Studio!

Classes, Classes and More Classes Your month of classes at River will include our specially designed and exclusively available, Blended Ride. These classes are a unique combination of 25-minutes spin and 25-minutes of toning work off of the bike. Depending on the class you sign up for, it could be a Blended Barre class, entitled Blended CandyBarre, toning that includes Blended AbSalute, Blended Upper Class and Blended Tight End, which target your core, upper and lower body respectively. Along with bootcamp and circuit style classes such as Blended Sweata Weatha and Blended Next Stop Skinny. We even have a high intensity interval training class (HIIT) called Blended High Speed. Bring your sneakers and spin shoes (however spin shoes are not necessary, but sneakers are!). Don't forget to use your complimentary class at our original studio, located at 603 Willow Avenue! At this studio, classes range from barre, toning, ride (our version of spin, with some extra flavor!), dance based classes, yoga and more. Set-up slightly differently from River, when you are taking a non-Ride class, you will be in our back mat room which boasts a large spring floor which alleviates joint pain, but also requires you to be barefoot (of course, you can wear socks).

Make Your Month Count Our schedule offers you flexibility with what style of class you take, but also when you take them. We are open 7-days a week, early in the morning, afternoons, and evenings. On select days you will find lunch time classes at River hosted at 12:15pm that are 45-minutes long, so you can squeeze in a great workout on a break. Our schedule posts every Monday at Noon for the following week. If you sign-up for a class and are placed on a waitlist. Do not be discouraged. These lists move quickly. Just remember, a waitlist is a reservation, if you get into a class and cannot attend, you must cancel 4-hours before the start time or you'll receive a late cancel. So about those late cancels! Once you sign up, you can cancel anytime before 4-hours of the class start time. If you are after, that is when a late cancel will occur of $10. A credit card must be put on file. If there is no credit card on file, we will place your New Client membership on hold, with no expiration extension, until you place a card on file.

We love our loyal WiO Community. If you are already getting all your favorite classes in at our Willow and River Street Studios, you can still get in on the fun. Refer a friend and you'll receive at WiO Clutch. Make sure the New Client drops your name to the front desk or they can send us an email at

With all of that being said, we encourage you to try us out if you haven't already and see what everyone's been talking about! Sign-up is simple too. Visit our MindBody page to purchase online or give us a call for all the details 201.222.0802 or 201.710.5458.

This offer is only valid for new clients, current Willow Clients who haven't been to River more than once (call or email us to purchase), or clients who haven't worked out with us in 6-months. It is Non-refundable and non-transferable with no expiration extensions. Promotional offering expires within 30-days of purchase. Credit Card must be kept on file or membership will be frozen.