Taking a brand new class is a little nerve-wracking (let’s be honest!) AND then to need help setting up your bike, learning the positions, all while keeping proper form the entire class...it seems like so much work before the class even started! Well don’t you fret - I've put everything together for you so that you can remember!

  1. Seat Height - Measure the seat to the same height as your hip bone. You can bring your leg up into up to a 90 degree angle and make sure seat is the same height as your leg.

  2. Seat Distance - Take your forearm and place it between the seat and your handlebars, there’s your measurement.

  3. Handlebar Height - Make your seat the same height as your handlebars or a tad higher depending on preference.

  4. Handlebar Distance - Determine this setting once you are on the bike. If your body is set up correctly, and your arms still feel a little close just adjust your handlebars accordingly.

Now that your bike is set up, we have to make sure proper form is being maintained during class. Take a look at the photos below and body position cues that I’m positive will help make your ride more comfortable and let’s not forget, stronger!


- secure hips in your saddle - relax shoulders, open chest - hold elbows in - engage core - keep neck neutral and relaxed


- keep hands light on - handlebars, hold elbows in - keep slight bend in knee as you pedal down - engage core - keep body upright


- keep hands light on handlebars - push hips back over the - saddle, chest parallel to floor - keep slight bend in knee as you pedal down - engage core - relax shoulders and hold elbows in

Whether it’s your first or 100th Ride or Blended class, you now have the tools and information to never forget your bike settings and to understand what you should look and feel like when you are jumping, climbing, and sprinting around all three positions!  I've also posted a "How To" video on our Youtube ChannelInstagram in case you need a little more clarification. Sign up for your next class here.

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xx, Heather Little Miss KiA