We are proud to reveal this week's Mom's on Monday, the wonderfully kind and vibrant...
Sheillah Dallara
How many children do you have and what are their ages and names? I have two children.  Alexander who is 26 months and Felicity who is 14 months. (yes! You read it right, one year apart!)
What does a typical day look like for you? A typical day starts at 8am and ends by 5pm.  Felicity is an early riser, unlike her big brother who typically sleeps in till 9:30-10am! We spend all day out and about.  Both of my kids take their naps in the stroller so we never go home for naps.  Since they are both young I don't have them enrolled in any kind of classes just yet.  So we spend our days exploring Hoboken!
Being a mommy is tough work, how do you have time to get to the gym? Honestly, if it wasn't for Go Mommy I don't think I would make it to the gym as often as I do.  We go to the Go Mommy class 3 to 4 times a week.  And as much as I enjoy going and catching up with the other mommies my kids LOVE going to "purple school" as well!  Alexander's first words when he wakes up isn't "mommy" any more, it's "school school school!" That alone gives me the motivation to get to class!
What is your favorite WiO class and why? Obviously it's Go Mommy because of the amazing instructors and motivational Kara Hermes!  Her classes are always so much fun and I find them challenging every time!! And my kids absolutely love going to "school" and playing with all their buddies!
What keeps you motivated? Having two babies is a beautiful experience but it is also very hard on your body.  My motivation is trying to get back into shape!
What are three pieces of advice you can give a fellow WiO Mommy about how you find balance in our everyday life? 1. Plan ahead! Being a mommy of two very little ones has taught me to always plan ahead and be somewhat organized. 2. Have patience, with yourself!  You are bound to make mistakes, you are human!  Mistakes help you learn what to do or not to do next time around. 3.Have fun! Being a stay at home mom is challenging and sometimes stressful but it is also a true blessing to see your kids grow up everyday.  So enjoy it, and have fun!!
If you are a new WiO Mom and have a story you would like to share with your fellow WiO’ers, please email us at info@workitoutgym.com