Our next super WiO Mom...

Ria Casey

How many kids do you have and what are their names? I have two children, Connor who is 3 1/2 years old and Maya who is 18 months.
What does a typical day look like for you?
Monday to Friday we typically have class in the morning, like our Go Mommy class at WiO.  Afternoon is naptime; Connor sleeps for 3 hours, so anything else we do is really dependent on when he wakes up and what the weather is like outside.  Sometimes we go to the park, courtyard or grocery store...other times we just stay in and play at home.  I am excited that Connor will be starting school in September.  He will learn so much and meet new friends, while Maya will get to start taking classes of her own!
What keeps you motivated to get to the gym?  My love of eating? *lol* Seriously though, I love going to the gym because it is something I do for myself, not anyone else.  Working out is "my time" and something I truly enjoy.  I feel so lucky to have found WiO; the instructors and music for Go Mommy classes are awesome!  In addition to enabling me to improve my fitness, WiO has introduced both me and my kids to a whole new community of great people.  I look forward to every class, and am disappointed if I have to miss them!
Did you have to put your career on hold to have children or are you able to balance both? I always thought I might like to stay at home with my kids, but after having built my career in marketing for over 10 years, I felt it was a decision I could not make honestly until I actually had my first child.  After Connor was born, I knew I wanted to be with him full time and luckily our family found a way to make it work!  I am not sure if I am finished with professional life as at times I do miss it, but for now I am happy being a stay-at-home mom of two.
What would be the perfect getaway vacation for you? My perfect getaway incorporates a mix of city, beach, vineyards an outdoor adventure (esp. mountains/safari).....I am also a passionate foodie so new culinary experiences are always high on my priority list!  My favorite trip was South Africa before we had kids, and if I could go anywhere next it would be Australia.  With the kids, we spend most of our vacation time now traveling back to Canada, where the rest of our family lives.
What is the hardest struggle/rewarding accomplishment you have found as a mommy? Carving out time independent of the kids is not always easy because we don't have a nanny and no relatives to help nearby.  Thank goodness my husband is so supportive!  He is always there for me, and really tries hard to help me accomplish my goals, like getting back into shape post-baby, learning new sports like tennis, or most recently entering the digital world.  Just a couple months ago I started a blog (you can check it out at http://kidstylefinder.blogspot.com/)!  The most rewarding accomplishment for me as a mom is getting to watch my children grow up.  They are like little sponges and it still amazes me every time they learn something new....I can't help but feel especially proud when I realize that it is something that I taught them!
A piece of advice you live by. Live life to its fullest.  My father passed away from cancer when I was 7 - it taught me to appreciate what you have and not take anything for granted.  There are so many wonderful things in life to experience; it is up to us create the life we want to live.