Meet our next super WiO Mom, Melissa Print!
 How many kids do you have and what are their names?   I have a daughter Emily who is 16 months and we are expecting our second daughter in September…still working on her name!!
What does a typical day look like for you? Emily likes to get up with the birds so we are usually up around 6:15. We’ll snuggle for a few minutes before heading downstairs for breakfast and play time. I work full time but am lucky to work 3 days at home so I can sneak away and spend some time with her during the day. Our nanny (or my mom ) takes care of Emily while I’m working and they hit up all the fun spots in Hoboken. Emily loves being outside and around other children. After work we have dinner and sometimes walk over to the park across the street and then its bath and bed for Emily. We’ll see how the schedule works when baby #2  is in the mix.
What is your favorite class at WiO? My favorite class is Kara’s Go Mommy spin. She plays the best music and keeps me motivated throughout the entire class.
Did you have to put your career on hold to have children or are you able to balance both? I’m very fortunate to be able to balance both career and children. I think working from home a few days a week makes it a lot easier since I can still spend time with her during the day.
Is your husband a good help? My husband is a huge help, especially with being pregnant and feeling so tired now in the 3rd trimester. He does Emily’s baths and puts her to bed at night so I can relax and get to bed early. Emily is definitely daddy’s little girl – they have a really special bond.
What is something your children have taught you? Emily has taught me to start every day with a positive attitude (even if the day starts at 6:15am). She's always in a good mood in the morning and is ready to have fun and hit the ground running.  
What is the biggest reward in being a mommy? The biggest reward is watching Emily grow up and change every day. It’s amazing seeing her go from newborn to toddler and all the stuff she’s learned along the way. And of course there’s nothing better than getting a huge hug and smile from her every morning and every night!