We are proud to feature this week's Mom,

Lindsay Speranza

How many children do you have and what are their ages and names? I have 2 boys.  Dante is almost 4 and he is sweet, sensitive and an awesome cuddler. He loves to zoom around the the house like a rocket ship, sit and read books and scoot around town. Luca is 21 months and is fun, energetic and loves doing everything his brother does. 

What does a typical day look like for you? I don't think any one day is the same. The mornings are a bit hectic since I have to get out of the house to get Dante to school by 8:30am. I pick 3 days a week to work out and the other 2 days I keep open to run errands(Target, Trader Joes etc.) or take Luca to a class. Sometimes Luca comes with me to WiO and sometimes I choose to come to  WiO on the day I have a sitter. After lunch and nap we pick Dante up from school and either chill at home, go for a bus ride to the train station or go to the park with friends. Then it is dinner, bath, bed and a glass of VINO!!! About 2 or 3 times a month we have a date night or go out with friends....very necessary!

Did you have to put your career on hold to be a mom or are you able to balance both? I went back to work after Dante and really struggled. I managed quite a few offices and people and felt at times that I have 50 kids not just one. I worked really hard at my career. I did consulting for restaurants and LOVED my job. My husband and I also traveled a bit for work and that was really tough. When I was pregnant with Luca my husband and I decided that maybe staying home would bring balance to our family. Now that I have done both the 'working mom' and the 'stay at home mom' I have learned there are different things that need balance. I think the word "balance" is a funny one...does anyone ever achieve finding balance? I will tell you that I work really hard to make sure I make smart decisions with my time to seek out the definition of balance.

What keeps you motivated to get to the studio? My mental sanity!! I have to work out! I live for the sweat, the results, the zone and the clear mind. Thank you Kara and Liz ;)

What is something your kids have taught you? Never to wear white when ketchup is around, respect sleep, how to have a real dance party and most important how to love, laugh and live.

What is the biggest challenge/biggest reward in being a mommy? The biggest challenge and biggest reward is the journey to find balance. I spend a lot of mental bandwidth trying to make the right decisions... which sippy cup to buy, organic or not, should they really have another cookie, Dora or Mickey, what preschool to send them to. It is really enough to drive you nuts! My kids have a way of reminding me that no plan should be the plan. They take me on a journey everyday. They remind me that they need a hug instead of me emptying the dishwasher, dinner should be at 5pm at home instead of 7pm at Elysian, or that I need to get a sitter because I really need to get to that Yoga class. I have learned this year that my balance is to give myself the time. Before I got married our priest told me a happy wife/mom, leads to a happy man/husband/father leads to a happy family/kids! I TRY to take it one day at a time, not sweat the small stuff and slow down. Of course I have good days and bad as I mentioned above the journey is the challenge and award! 

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