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Jodie Azzopardi

How many children do you have and what are their ages and names? My two sons are Dylan & Lucas. They are 6 and 2 years old.

What does a typical day look like for you? The typical day starts with getting the family ready to leave the house by 7:50am, so Dylan can arrive at school on time.  I make lunch for my husband and Dylan so they can eat healthy during the day. It also saves us money by not having to buy lunch out of the house.  After I drop Dylan at school, I try to get to WiO at least three times during the week, then I run errands before lunch and nap time for Lucas around midday.  On the other two days each week, Lucas and I day an activity together usually a class or play date. We leave the house to pick up Dylan at 2:30pm and then after school we either run to a sport or spend time outside at the park.  I work very hard to wear my boys out each day! :) 

Being a mommy is tough work, how do you have time to get to the gym? I have a weekly planner that sits on my kitchen counter to keep track of everything that each of us has planned weekly.  I write my gym time in like every other appointment and try to get there 3 times a week.  When I first transitioned from being a working mom with one child, to a stay at home mom of two children.. I struggled for a while trying to find a routine that worked for everyone.  I found that putting in time at the gym each week actually helps me fit everything in.  I find myself energized after I work out--physically and mentally.

Did having kids make you more aware of your health and theirs? Growing up I was never particularly active or fit. Having two boys who are extremely active and enthusiastic about sports has encouraged me to take charge of my health and fitness routine, so I can be a great role model for them.  It's also necessary just to be able to keep up with them!  Dylan is involved in hockey, soccer, golf and baseball.  He enjoys the challenge and competition these sports provide.  Lucas likes tries to keep up with his big brother, so I am often on the sidelines cheering for Dylan and at the same time throwing, kicking or hitting a ball around with Lucas.

Have you ever brought your children to WiO? I bring Lucas with me to every Go Mommy class and I take Dylan when he doesn’t have school.  Lucas loves meeting up with his friends in the Purple Room and Dylan has fun seeing where his brother likes to spend time during the week.

Is your hubby a good help? Absolutely!  He is providing me with such a wonderful gift, to be able to stay at home with our boys. He also encourages me to keep up with my fitness routine.  He is involved in sports too, so we lead very active lives.

What is the biggest challenge/reward in being a mommy? My biggest challenge is learning how to raise two wonderfully energetic boys and my biggest rewards are being able to watch and enjoy all of their achievements.  My boys absolutely love being together and seeing their bond grow stronger every day is amazing.

Best piece of advice you follow in your everyday life. Enjoying the every day moments when life is so busy.  I am constantly whipping out my phone to take photos of my boys doing those every day things and then post them on Facebook so our families in Australia can enjoy them too!

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